back to article PARIS concocts commemorative cocktail

The Paper Aircraft Released Into Space (PARIS) team is delighted to announce today that it has concocted a cocktail in honour both of our patron saint Paris Hilton and the heroic Playmonaut who on 28 October piloted the Vulture 1 vehicle to earth from a dizzying 89,591 feet. Our inspiration for the commemorative beverage came …


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  1. Colin Miller


    = Not Safe For Drinking

  2. Pierre Castille
    Paris Hilton

    Paris Cocktail

    Knickerdropper Glory?

    1. bill 36

      cant stop laughing


      1. Paul 4

        The icecream

        layering effect. A perfect name.

  3. The March Hare
    Thumb Up

    "crack tasters"

    I thought you sniffed it through a £5 note...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Trans Am' wheel arch nostrils

      Snorting crack? No thanks. LOL

      I'd rather inject myself with herbal marijuana....

  4. BorkedAgain

    May I suggest...

    ...A mite high...

  5. Huey

    Great Boo's Up!

    I thought it was going to mean not safe for drinking but can see what you mean!!

    I wouldn't mind going to a bar and asking for a stratospheric parisian please!

    BTW Paper_Aircraft_Released_Into_Space now comes up second on the google rankings for parisian.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    My suggestion

    "Slurp of Paris' siberian counter-parts"

    As a side note, surely you could've used baileys flavoured ice cream? f.e. haagen-dazs? or is that not available on those siberian parts?

  7. Ikoth


    Why not embrace recursion and just call it PARIS which, or course, stands for:

    Paris - Alcohol, Recumbent In Sugar

    Kind of sums up your patron too...


  8. Jolyon

    (๏ Y ๏) Name

    One Flight In PARIS?

  9. Anonymous Coward

    NSFD ...

    Damn tootin' - the brown sugar was enough to put me off, although I can't quite see it working as well with artificial sweeteners, somehow.

    As well as being diabetic, I'm also teetotal and lousy at thinking of names but I'll be the first to admit that the end result looks pretty epic.


  10. Ihre Papiere Bitte!!


    Damn right. I read the story, and my blood glucose level soared by a stomach-clenching 12 points!

    The one with the insulin in the pocket thank you!

  11. Matthew

    The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.


  12. Code Monkey


    Is should be called the Intrepid Playmonaut

  13. disgruntled yank

    Trop au Pause?

    Or perhaps Langerham's Lament?

    1. Stoneshop Silver badge


      Trop-os-fear, given the number of adverse reactions so far.

  14. Dr. Mouse

    Classic old geek...

    How's about a recursive acronym?

    PARIS Alcoholic Refreshment Is Sweet!

  15. Richard IV


    Well, it's based on a view from PARIS, so what about Pariscope?

    Someone with more CAD skills than I should cobble this up a la the Engineers' Guide to Drinks (a version is at

  16. Tim Worstal


    You should be able to do this without sugar or ice cream.

    Bottom layer of either green or brown could be done with Kahlua or creme de menthe. White layer, clouds, could be cream (might have to be double cream).

    You should be able to float blue curacao on cream and then if you're lucky, blackberry brandy on that (which would give you deep purple, perhaps better than black) as your top layer.

    However, you'd want to do it in a "pousse cafe" glass, not a martini glass like you used.

    There are actually books out there which tell you which liquor will float on another. If it wasn't 25 years since I was a cocktail bartender I'd even remember the title of one of them.

    But that's the way you want to go. Pousse cafe (ie, tall, thin, straight sided glass, often no wider than the diameter of a couple of pencils) and then layer the colours using the density of the liquor.

    Bonus tip: this is that the twist on the handle of a bar spoon and the dime sized head of it is all about. Turn the spoon upside down (or bowl upwards, handle hanging down) and the twist enables you to pour the liquors down the handle, the top aiding in spreading it in a layer.

    I've seen this done properly (ie, not by me) and ending up with 10-14 layers.

    It's really a matter of getting the densities right.

  17. bell


    In honour of the the nature of the mission which it commemorates and because it has clearly caused the plucky plastic protagonist to forsake his better judgement (it must be mighty cold sitting there).

    1. Code Monkey

      @it must be mighty cold sitting there

      After the terror of SPACE our Playmonaut has no fear of chalfonts.

  18. Harvey Trowell
    Paris Hilton


    Blue Movie

    One Flight in PARIS

    Wings over Curacao


  19. Mostor Astrakan

    About that last photo...

    What on Earth are they drinking? It looks like some kind of stout, only smaller...

    1. wayne 8

      you just look at pictures, then

      The text accompanying said photo mentions a case of Guiness as an item on an expense report.

      Reading, it opens new worlds...

      1. Mostor Astrakan


        Can't be! Guinnesses are bigger than that!

  20. RathanDog

    Tentative of Surbiton

    Suggests Plastered of PARIS...

  21. Poor Coco


    The Knicker-Freezer

    Booze From A Tube

    Hypobaric Hyperglycemia

    PARIS Gets Really High

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    >holiday weekend serving hoards of Madrid chusma (riff-raff)

    The only reason anybody left Madrid this long weekend was to get away from all the bolos, chicharreros, conejeros and various other hijos de p... (or, as I respectfully call them, peasants) that invaded us. If we hadn't had such a person visiting then I too would have left for the wilds, you lot really don't know how to behave yourselves in a metropolitan area.

    Oh and why do they all come here. My theory is because the number for one of el Gordos larger prizes was once sold at a kiosk in Puerto Del Sol so they all descend on the same vendor in the stupid belief that they will sell the winning number again.

  23. Huntsman

    How about...


    1. anarchic-teapot

      re: How About

      Cirrhosis formation?

      1. Stoneshop Silver badge


        (of the liver)

  24. John I'm only dancing
    Paris Hilton

    A Captain Kirk

    To boldly go where no Playmonaut has gone before...

    Or in Paris's case, to boldly go where most men have .....

    1. Stoneshop Silver badge

      To baldly go

      There, fixed it

  25. Bryn Evans

    Spaced Out

    What more can be said about such a cocktail (and it's creators)

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'll be back with a witty name later

    but I really don't want to be queueing at a bar while the resident mixologist spends and hour and a half mucking about with ice cream and freezers

  27. James Hughes 1

    A Dead Arm

    Because when you pick up your glass, you can imagine Paris is doing it....

  28. Martin.Hale

    Really Mum, Do I Have To Leave aTitle?

    Flying Parisienne


    [The/A] 17 Mile High

    Heiress of the Dog

    Sugar Rush

  29. Martin.Hale

    So Much For Editing

    Er, that was supposed to be:


  30. Alan Esworthy
    Paris Hilton


    Paris' Labia Menorca


    and, inevitably, Puss Cafe

  31. proto-robbie
    Paris Hilton

    Through hardships to the bars

    "Bird Dropping" seems apposite, in a pseudish sort of way.

  32. IglooDude

    My offering

    for the name of the concoction would be a "Ride on PARIS" (in honor of the plucky playmonaut, of course).

  33. Ugotta B. Kiddingme


    Read the sub header and instantly interpreted as "Not Safe For Drunks" which certainly pause me gave...

  34. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    In view of current world events

    Perhaps, "Sex by Surprise".

  35. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Some ideas:

    If you can add club soda, you can call it the "17 mile high club"

    PARIS--"Plane Above (the) Rain In Spain". (Or "plastered". Brits can also use "pissed", but that has certain twisted overtones and doesn't travel well with your American readership. So many options--someone find Henry Higgins to tell us which is proper!!)

    PARIS--Playmobil Astronaut's RIght Stuff

    Or just "The Right Stuff", but watch out for the cease and desist order from Tom Wolfe and the MPAA.

    "The Wrong Stuff" might work based on the ingredients

    "Smashed (in) the face of God"

    1. Rattus Rattus
      Thumb Up

      "The Wrong Stuff"

      Love it!

  36. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hows about: Overlord

    Because it has intimations of elevation and grand vision, and I, for one, would welcome it.

  37. C. P. Cosgrove
    Thumb Up


    I canot think of a name to outdo those above, but my admiration for the sheer dedication to their task of the design, construction and launch crews as well as the selfless application of those in a support role, knows no bounds.

    The PARIS project has amazed me from the very first intimation to this crowning effort.

  38. skeptical i
    Thumb Up

    Blue Horizon

    Good work, Tito!

  39. bill 36

    in the bar last night.....

    How about


  40. bugalugs
    Paris Hilton

    Vulture's Nest

    ◄ that is all ►

  41. Adrian Esdaile

    At last!

    The intrepid Playmonaut gets his justly-deserved reward; being bathed in alcoholic fluids! Hopefully someone rigged up a straw-and-pump system to get him plastered in record time.


    And I second the PARIS = PARIS recursion.

  42. Denarius Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    not only but maybe

    Cocktail names based on height and planes.


    Not the band U2


    and given PARIS made it to the height of Mons Olympus,


    Back to the coffee



    Seeing that Playmonaut sitting so happily on top of that cocktail of atmosphere layers, I thought maybe "Stratobliss" for the drink's name?

    If not, I vote (in descending order) for:

    Paris - Alcohol, Recumbent In Sugar (Ikoth)

    Plastered of PARIS (RathanDog)

    Pariscope (Richard IV)

  44. The Indomitable Gall

    Mile high club solo

    After all, if you recall, the pilot was blid by the time he descended....

  45. Trollslayer
    Thumb Up

    That is so...

    El Reg!


  46. Alan Esworthy
    Paris Hilton

    mas nombres

    Spread Eagle

    Paris Soar Bust


    A Wing and a Player

  47. BenR

    How about...

    ... calling it 'The Playmobile Reconstruction'?

    More in honour of El Reg generally than PARIS specifically, but it works quite well as a name!

    Other than that, 'Knickerdropper Glory' is awesome, as is 'Paris - Alcohol, Recumbent In Sugar' and 'Plastered of PARIS', in that order.

  48. Randombard


    Snatched Glory

    Multiple oops shot

    Recuring Up Shot

  49. Mystic Megabyte



    It's gotta be cold up there..

    Drink a few of those and I doubt you'd feel any part of your body..

  50. gfs

    Vultures Revenge

    It certainly looks leathal.

  51. Captain Hogwash

    Got to admire your...

    Blue Skies Drinking

  52. Laurie
    Paris Hilton


    See title.

    1. Andrew Norris

      The Plane in Spain..

      Or maybe the "Rightstuff" 'cos when you have one, you are rightly stuffed.

  53. Thomas Steven 1

    Apollo blue cheesecake

    Just a suggestion

  54. NeverMindTheBullocks

    Easy to do without the sugar and icecream.

    Same glass but fill with crushed ice first.

    Brown or Green booze in first ( Tia Maria, Kahlua / Midori, Creme de Menth)



    Black Vodka

    The Ice makes it easier to layer up the drinks and adds some texture to the whole thing.

    Slice of Lemon for the sun and a straw. Then drink. Carefully.

  55. lIsRT

    The things I learn on this site...

    In Spain, brown sugar comes in cartons.

  56. The Nameless Mist
    Paris Hilton

    "We'll Always have PARIS"

    We'll Always Have PARIS.

    Truly geeky as its also a ST:TNG episode name.

  57. AlgernonFlowers4

    Experimental Lightweight Scale High Altitude Glider

    El Shag!

  58. Jo 5


    Just makes me thing Vomit Comet. Or Vulture Vomit? Or Vulture Liver Rupture or Vulture Spacer (looks like the old kids favorite sweeties Spacers) or Ozone Depleter or Death by Sugar being the most appropriate.

    Ride of the Vulture?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      inspired by that

      esp. Vulture Liver Rupture, which I like, maybe Deliverance. As in De-liver-ance. Maybe in the same vein, De-livered From Above.

    2. Eugene Goodrich

      Vote for prev

      Vulture Vomit.

      That's what I thought of on seeing it at first, and I see someone else thought so as well.

    3. Stoneshop Silver badge

      Vulture Fuel

      I'd also like to propose that the distance of 89,591 feet be added to El Reg's standards as a unit of length, the Vulture Altitude

  59. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Space Rocks Up Uranus

    Title says it all

  60. Juillen 1


    "Low Orbit Eyeing Canon" (as the 'official fiction' context of canon) to be topical..

    "The fine Kármán line"

    Or, in honour of earthiness, touch of sweetness and a kick like a mule, perhaps "A Sarah Bee".

  61. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    The Esther Rantzen...

    ...because it draws your gums back over your teeth.

  62. Christopher Cowan

    How about

    Pan Galactic PARIS Blaster

  63. DI_Wyman

    1 word....



  64. Random Noise

    My Suggestion

    Is 'The Cloud Buster'.

    When I saw the picture I actually thought it was an orgone generator (or epoxy with metal shavings to those who don’t believe in Reich's science).

    Good name to commemorate something released from space tho IMHO.

  65. Ken MAC

    Paris Cocktail

    "The Van Allen Belt." You might need a couple to reach the extra altitude..)

    'To Insanity and Beyond" Sorry Buzz

    Reminds me of a rumoured lethal cocktail\drink from the early days of the North Sea setup in Sullom Voe. It was called a northern lights cos once consumed the 'victim' saw all the colours of the rainbow then it went black..

    There used to be an upmarket bar in paris "the Opera Cafe" on quai de valmy which served great cocktails and had been the officers mess of the Royal Flying corp in WWI. Would be a great place to test fly your drink...

  66. Goatan
    Thumb Up

    re: stratospheric parisian

    Nice one Huey :D

  67. Stoneshop Silver badge

    A friend suggests

    Aviagra: it's blue and makes things go high up.

  68. Jack

    A Big Blue Marble...

    ... since this is the Earth we're talking here.

    Or you could go with "Blue Ball" given the most excellently juvenile double entendres such a drink name would permit when describing your weekend/vacation/polling experience, etc


  69. Hulot


    Aviation, BaUrgh!ley's, blue stuff, sex: I call it:


  70. Mike48US
    Thumb Up

    Pan Paris Gargleblaster

    Ok, how about "The Pan Paris Gargleblaster" do to your liver and pancreas what the original does to your brain!

  71. SpottedCow

    A la REM -

    "Man On the Moon".

    "Lost In Space" would be a good one as well.

  72. Stoneshop Silver badge


    View from the top

  73. thecakeis(not)alie


    You managed to wring PARIS for another article. On booze no less! <3 fridays.

    MORE PARIS! (At least until it's time for LOHAN.)

  74. Thomas 4

    Ladies and Gentlemen.....

    I suggest the name "Starhumper"

    It's descriptive of El Reg's bold little paper plane, which slipped the surly bonds of Earth to reach out and fondle the stars, and it's descriptive of our favourite socialite because, oh ffs, do you really need me to spell it out? Go read the comments section sometime. -.-

  75. Kev99 Silver badge

    Drinkie-poo name

    Something relating to the flight, your inspiration, and host country seems right. Something like Paris Does Spain?

    OR maybe Ponce de Leon's Revenge?

  76. Arlinora
    Paris Hilton

    Drink Name

    Wild Blue PARIS

    (Like the airforce theme song: Wild Blue Yonder)

  77. Anonymous Coward


    The green layer should be represented by a more representative component. Such as *ahem* grass or oregano or other er, herb.

    AC, 'cos it might be illegal on your jurisdiction. No guv, I swear this is chlorophyll extract. Yes, from spinach!

  78. Dick Pountain


    Pissed as an...

  79. bugalugs

    Our intrepid ( and now legless ) pilot needs a name too !

    soo, inspired by a very famous old song, how about calling it a Major Tom.

    ♫heeeere am I floating in my tin can♪

  80. bugalugs

    Confessions of a serial comp entrant

    ( Vulture’s Nest, Major Tom,) Vulture’s View, Vulture Vision, ElRegicidal, High Dive, Biosfear •••

  81. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The Cloudtopper.

    It certainly accomplished that.


  82. chrisjw37
    Paris Hilton

    I'll stick to Guinness

    On the whole - it looks undrinkable, being mostly ice

    I'll stick to Guinness, thanks anyhow

  83. Silent but Deadly

    A few that spring to mind...

    10 Seconds to Launch

    Missile Toe (Athletes get athlete's foot, astronauts get...)

    Plastic Fantastic

    The Challenger (It ends with a mess).

    Liquid Lightyear

    Cyanosis (Blueness of tissue often caused by blood lacking oxgen.)

  84. Lottie


    PARIS Plummet (because that's what you'll do)

    PARIS going down

  85. Queeg

    With a combined nod to Darling Paris and Comets everywhere...

    "The Dirty Snowball"

    Both look gorgeous but have a slightly grubby center.

  86. KrisMac
    Paris Hilton

    ..or what about?

    PARISian Drop Out -- applys to both the organic and inorganic birds... and probably describes the results of imbibing...

  87. Stuart Morrison

    We already have an icon.. sorry.. marketing logo for it..

    Given it's composition, practicality, appearance and likely effect it has to be a 'W.T.F.'

  88. Peter Mylward

    What about -

    What about the "Bangkok Hilton". Nuff Said.

  89. Martin Erdelen

    Pan-glucosic Stratoblaster

    That's all.

    [EDIT: Came up with this *before* seeing Mike48-US's idea but will concede priority if challenged.]

  90. Charles Osborne

    One small sip for man... giant gulp for mankind. Or a coma, but I repeat myself.

    Well blended, El Reg!

  91. Arlinora

    More Names

    Vulture Vomit does sound pretty good.

    Other names:

    Space Fumes

    PARIS Astronaut Rides In Space

    Playmonaut Assumes Region In Space


    Diabetic Hilton

  92. C 2


    Pan Galactic Liver Blaster

  93. Cass Woods

    how about

    A large Sacchasphere

  94. Uncle Siggy
    Paris Hilton

    A couple of names

    PARIS Parfait

    It does have ice cream you know.

    Star Wench

    Dirty Panties

    Futurama Mama

    Sex on the Bitch

  95. Fluffykins Silver badge

    Carrion Playmobil


    Playmobil Carrion

  96. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Titley Goodness

    Cream-filled Paris

    Paris Does Black Russian Missionary

    Sweet Sticky Paris Juice

  97. Zacpod

    How about:





    HILTON - High-Impact Liquid Tonic Of 'Nauts!

  98. Ramshackle

    How about...

    The f*cking awful.

    That isn't a drink, it's the result of an alcoholic confectioners shopping trolley tipping over.

  99. Queeg

    In honour of Comets everywhere...

    "The Dirty Snowball"

  100. gimbal

    I suggest: The Kubric Europan honor, after all.

    Granted, Europa might not have much terra firma to it. Would the dedication in the name of the item be enough to win those points back, perhaps?

  101. Old Painless

    Too easy...

    "The Wizard Prang" -- in honour of the sugar crash that will inevitably follow consumption

  102. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    If you could make one without alcohol...

    ... it would be a Virgin Galactic Gargle Blaster [TM]

  103. Muscleguy

    Sorry Douglas

    The Pan Atmospheric Pancreas Blaster

  104. djs


    The classical companion to PARIS was always HELEN (who was the Paris Hilton of her era),

    Backronyming HELEN is left as an exercise for the reader.

  105. Danny 4

    PARIS cocktail

    Terminal Velocity

    Our Pale Blue Dot

    In PARIS Ad Astra

    Space-sucking Earthgirl

    Going Down on PARIS

    Puny Earthling

    The IT Angle

    Home Sweet Home

    Crazy Sweet Caress

    Sweet Down Below

    Dreaming of PARIS

    The Sweet Lingering Decent of PARIS

  106. alain williams Silver badge

    Verb for drinking it

    I'm not sure what to call it, although I do like the suggested nickerdropper glory.

    We ought to define a verb that describes how to imbibe it, it must be: to deep throat.

    Ie ''off to the pub to deep throat a nickerdropper glory''.

  107. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    In honor of the craft...

    Paper Trails.

  108. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    One more suggestion

    I continue to pad my chances of winning with still more entries.... :)

    Bad points about my latest option--it doesn't have much of an aviation/PARIS the aircraft angle.

    Good points--it matches well with Paris the patron saint(?)/inspiration of the Reg's aeronautical enterprise, it's a Paris recursion and its name practically guarantees that the cocktail itself will live forever among the English-speaking sun and pleasure seeking crowd in Spain.

    Drumroll please!!

    PARIS--"Pissed And Randy In Spain"!!!

  109. Emilio Desalvo

    Entitled to a title...

    "Splashdown" - that's what happens to the drinker after the first glass...

  110. Omphaloskeptic

    New Cocktail Name?

    How about simply calling it HACE after another form of high-altitude induced sickness?

  111. Some Beggar

    The Ben And Gerry or The Nancy

    Perhaps if you'd drunk your Guinness from proper glasses you might have been in a state to understand the subtle difference between a cocktail and a children's party dessert.

  112. Omphaloskeptic


    Bit of a mouthful in more ways than one!

  113. aMerkin

    Tiers, Layers, or Strata?

    I played with "Plummet" and "Strumpet", "Tiers" (as in tears of Paris), and "Layers", but finally settled on "Strata Glide".

    But "Strata Slide" and "Stratacide" also work.

    On second thought, I like "Stratacide" best.

    Yes bartender, make it a Stratacide!



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