back to article SGI puts modular data centers on ICE

In the past, Silicon Graphics didn't sell containerized data centers — but the company that swallowed it and took its name nearly two years ago, Rackable Systems, did. And the new SGI is now taking its third stab at the idea. The new ICE Cube Air modular data centers, which SGI is showing off at the Gartner Data Center …


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  1. The Cube

    Yet another misleading PUE marketing claim

    This "PUE" neatly ignores the missing half of the data centre. These units don't contain the incoming MV or HV transformers that are going to be needed to deliver this sort of power, they don't include the UPS systems that many operators are going to want, they don't include the LV distribution losses or energy costs such as generator preheaters etc.

    The claimed PUE is about as accurate as an RIAA estimate of the lost revenue per track shared on Kazaa

  2. maclovinz


    Okay, this may be a dumb question, but WHO uses this stuff?

    Really, I'm curious!

    ..."Okay, okay, I'll get my coat...."

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