back to article Rim tempts tablet coders with freebie PlayBooks

Want a free Rim BlackBerry PlayBook? Then develop an app for it. You'll need to be registered with Rim, too. The company yesterday said it is now accepting PlayBook-oriented submissions to the BlackBerry app store, undoubtedly with a view to having plenty available when the tablet goes on sale in the US and Canada during Q1 …


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  1. MontyMole

    No fart apps


    4.1 ... the following categories of applications are specifically excluded from eligibility for the Offer:

    (c) Applications that provide a simple, single function, such as playing noise or displaying a graphic.


    That's a shame.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Linux SDK support

    Interesting they provide a Linux SDK, but their syncing support for Linux desktop has always been non-existent

  3. JaitcH

    Smart move: Quality not Quantity

    The oft quoted App totals, even those passed by the Thought Control police, had, and have, little meaning to smartphone users who use their devices for business.

    Many App library descriptions don't accurately describe Apps, either, making selection difficult.

    Perhaps the design contest rules signal RIM will adopt tighter parameters when they open their App library.

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