back to article Ad man offers fine drugs and finer print to Macbook thief

A Philadelphia ad exec is offering a "fabulous drug stash" reward in a bid to get back the Macbook he foolishly left in his unlocked car. Kurt Shore was leaving his office car park in early November when he realised he'd left something inside. He rushed back in, leaving the lights on, but not the central locking. On his …


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  1. bill 36

    is he kidding?

    The film is about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike.

    It's the classic mistake with surveillance cameras! If you want to identify attackers then you need a mugshot and that means hidden cameras at eye level.

    1. Marvin the Martian

      Actually, number plate would do, here.

      Number plate would be much more use here and reasonably easy to get... But the provided video is still essential, mugshot on its own would be hard to get here as well as useless without some evidence of that person being a criminal as well.

  2. Elmer Phud

    Alternative prize

    Instead of a bag of unspecified 'fine' weed (no seeds, no stalk) which would be illegal, how about offering an equal value rewards of papers, baccy, bong etc.

    This would allow the lucky finder of the Mac to purchase thier own weed - sort of free of charge as the rest of the makings has been provided.

  3. Mike 119


    So what if his MacBook was stolen, its the data thats important. Oh wait, you did'nt back up?

  4. dodge

    What an awesome surveillance camera

    So what, pray tell, is the bloody point of a CCTV camera so crappy that it can't even resolve a licence plate a score metres away? What a monumental waste of money.

  5. Stoneshop Silver badge

    So, it's his only copy?

    I am extremely unsorry for him.

  6. James 12
    Paris Hilton


    What A total berk, Whoever employs this muppet should fire him for being so dam stupid and lazy. Its not difficult to take the Key out of the engine and press the button to lock... Oh wait he actually took the keys with him and yet still didn't press the button.

    Oh and he didn't have a backup of his information, not surprise as he is clearly too stupid to use the built in time machine.


    Paris because this guy makes her look really smart...

  7. Anonymous Coward

    He's an adman..

    ..ergo, has access to a lot of high grade coke. Clearly being stingy here.

    Mine's the one that won't stop talking, and keeps sniffing.

  8. Ian Oliver

    Dropbox is free for 2GB

    So there's no excuse.

  9. Matthew


    The thief doesn't even pause to look through the windows - he opens the correct door, picks up the MacBook from a darkened car and scarpers. He would've peeked through the window first to see what was in the car. Smells like a hoax to me.

    1. Grease Monkey Silver badge


      That's not how it works. Watch some CCTV from your local railway station and you'll see the thief walk up to the car, smash the window, reach in looking for goodies.

      I think you're making the mistake of crediting thieves with some sort of reasoning power.

  10. Grease Monkey Silver badge

    Except that...

    ...he probably swapped the thing for a couple of wraps of smack about ten minutes after he stole it.

  11. AdamWill


    "Even so, pot price sites seem to agree that an eighth of an ounce of good grade goes for 40 to 50 bucks in Pennsylvania"

    Jesus, poor Pennsylvanians.

    1. Marcus Aurelius

      40 to 50 bucks??

      I shall have to start exporting there immediately!

  12. OffBeatMammal

    send the footage to CSI

    if this was CSI then they'd be able to enhance the footage, get his reflection from the door glass and a puddle, zoom in to get a retina print and compare it to the huge database they keep in mere moments (with bing bong sound effects to keep us entertained), or wipe a cotton swab on the door handle and get a DNA result before the next commercial break and swoop in with a witty one-liner to nab him.

  13. Matt Bradley

    Oh dear

    Don't. Leave. Your. Laptop. In full view. On the car seat.

    If this poor hopeless sap had just put the damn thing in his boot, this would never have happened.

    I can understand walking away from the car inadvertently leaving it unlocked. But also to leave your kit in full view in the car. Under the easily breakable windows?

    Oh deary, deary me.

    Perhaps it was case of placing no value on the hardware, but not fully understanding the value of the data thereon? I guess its a common mistake these days amongst the non it literate. I do feel sorry for him. But only just.

  14. kevin king


    Sounds like someone needs to know about the Prey Project

    Prey lets you keep track of your phone or laptop at all times, and will help you find it if it ever gets lost or stolen. It's lightweight, open source software, and free for anyone to use. And it just works.

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Down here...

    the "street value" of any drugs are measured in multiples of $1,000,000, so that would be worth about $1,500,000 in Australia.

    The blagger could make quite a profit....

  16. JaitcH

    Another dumb bugger who doesn't tether his laptop ... or make back-ups.

    Hasn't this AD MAN seen the ADVERTISEMENTS that recommend you lock your goodies in your car boot / trunk?

    I have hauled laptops and assorted high value electronic test gear around the world for decades and have yet to lose one to a thief. My trusty Kingston security tether (don't use the Belkin as they are useless) is ALWAYS attached when out of my home or office.

    At airports or other transportation termini I thread the tether through my baggage handles. On commuter trains I either secure the tether through my trousers belt or around my wrist. Once I travelled on the Chiltern line and noticed all the dozing business men who carelessly entrusted their laptops to the overhead rack. On arrival at Princes Risborough there was a cry of anguish as one of these sleeping beauties had discovered his toy had been taken for a walk.

    P.S. Do yourselves a favour, cut off any labelling on the carry cases that suggest the contents have a high value!

  17. Craig 28

    Re:Time Machine

    One of the best features on the Mac, I wish other OS had something like it. All you need is a USB hard drive, don't pay for that overpriced Time Capsule or Airport station, something most people should by rights have anyway. All you have to do is plug it in for a few minutes every now and then and it keeps everything safe, absolutely fantastic.

  18. The main man

    How can you forget to lock the car?

    I know he was running late for a meeting and what not but the theif was probably not looking to steal at that point. He was handed the opportunity on a plate when he ran off without turning off the light, or locking the door . I have been in a similar situation but i always locked the doors and have my laptop with me

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