back to article Quantum crypto experts dispute potency of 'blinding' hack

A dispute has emerged between experts in quantum cryptography over the effectiveness of a recently discovered attack that takes advantage of implementation flaws in high-security key exchange systems. A paper published in September's Nature Photonics explained how the avalanche photo-detectors used in some commercial quantum …


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  1. Cameron Colley

    Explosive equipment?

    I hate to sound parochial, but may I ask why a piece on a UK-based website referencing work done in Norway and Germany quotes a price in US* Dollars, rather that NOK, EUR or GBP?

    *I take it you mean US since Canadian wasn't mentioned.

  2. IHateWearingATie
    Dead Vulture

    Okay El Reg, can we...


  3. Steven Knox

    Blowing $50 grand?

    "The attack relied on the use of off-the-shelf commercial, albeit _explosive_ ($50K), kit."

    Perhaps you meant expensive?

  4. Ste ve

    Quantum effects of an attack

    I'm concerned by the alert system employed here. According to the article:

    "...resulting in a very high error rate, altering Alice and Bob to the attack."

    Troll, because having your hair turned purple is a better alert than sms.

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