back to article iPad 2 to arrive around Valentine's Day - Taiwanese reports

Apple looks set to release the next version of its iPad in February next year – that is if a claim bubbling up in Taiwan is to be believed. DigiTimes reported today that iPhone and iPad manufacturing giant Foxconn has been told to build 400,000 to 600,000 units of Apple’s next iteration of its much-loved fondle slab in the …


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  1. Nic 3
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    I for one

    shall be buying one. All in the name of R&D you understand.

    Mmmm toys.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Limited edition

    There will also be a limited edition of the iPad 2 which has a handle protuding from where the dock connector is located. This new device is rumoured to be called the iPad le

    I know it wasn't that funny but I couldn't stop myself..

  3. Monkey Bob

    Call me cynical, but...

    ...releasing a new model two months after the Xmas season & post Xmas sales just sounds to me like a blatant attempt to get people who've just bought or been given one to go straight out & buy the new model too.

  4. Anonymous Coward
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    Me too..

    I too shall be purchasing one - but only to play Angry Birds..

  5. Jelliphiish

    old tech

    just type 10 inch android tablet into fleabay or goggle.. they all have front facing cameras and do the sim thing.. (processors may vary etc..)


  6. The Fuzzy Wotnot

    Yeah OK

    "but testing of the gizmo’s firmware is still ongoing"

    Hmmm, 'cos the Apple's track record on testing is not all it could be!

    Joking aside, I'm actually looking forward to seeing what v2 has in store. Torn between iPad and Galaxy Tab, I'll wait until the new iPad comes out and Galaxy firmware is nicely bedded in.

  7. DrXym Silver badge

    Shades of Osborne effect

    I realize this is a rumour, not an announcement but who would want to buy an iPad now if the replacement is likely to be only 3 months away?

    1. Adam Nealis

      Or a Galaxy Tab

      "... but who would want to buy an iPad now if the replacement is likely to be only 3 months away?"

      Or a Galaxy Tab for that matter.

      1. DrXym Silver badge

        I certainly wouldn't

        I want an android tablet but I'm prepared to wait for one to turn up a realistic price point. Some people are just besotted with teh shiny and will hand over cash for a device like a Galaxy Tab which is clearly overspecced for its needs and overpriced even compared to an iPad.

    2. Gilbo

      I suspect

      The millions and millions of people out there that this device is directly marketed at along with the numorous other millions that buy Apple products in general.

      I.e. 99.9% of the population that will buy one completely oblivious to the rumours floating around on tech websites.

      Consider yourself enlightened.

  8. Michael C

    did u have to bring up Foxconn?


    We all know by now no Apple area employees of FoxConn participated in this protest. Apple requires higher pay in their areas, and premium perks for employees.

    That said, 400,000 units is a VERY small initial rollout. The preorders for the original iPad exceeded that count. They'll sell several million within the first month. Add a zero and I might consider this a viable rumor. Talk about it being CDMA only, and based on the existing iPad specs, as an alternate model for Verizon and other worldwide provider customers still hobbled by that dying tech and i could also accept it. An iPad 2? not likely, not yet.

    the iPad 2 is going to need to bump the A4 to the same RAM (or more) and slightly higher speed than the iPhone 4. i can understand a front facing camera a bit, but honestly, the prototype had one and only 17% of those surveyed inside apple liked it (bad angle, too heavy to hold, useless unless in a dock or stand, not a notable feature at all). It also needs the screen from the 11" MBA (or similar), and will almost certainly have NFC. I'd also suspect LTE chips, not CDMA, as both apple and Verizon have openly commented they will not make a CDMA device on Verizon's network.

    i suspect the existing iPad will continue on as well, at $100-150 less and drop 3G for wifi only. (a common apple deal leaving the prev generation on the market at a discount).

    I suspect further an apple announcement in Feb, but a product release not until March (pre-order beginning on announcement) and the LTE model coinciding with AT&T's initial roll-out in April.

    1. Geoff Campbell

      NFC on an iPad?

      As much use as tits on a boar. I mean, come on, think about it - wandering past a poster with a product you like, or trying to buy a coffee in a hurry, and you get out your 10" iPad, power it up, and wave it at the sensor? Never going to happen.


      1. Maty

        Ever powered up an iPad?

        It takes like half a second. And in my part of the world, when I'm buying a coffee I access the net at the same time from the coffee shop's wi-fi, so the iPad is already out.

        1. Anonymous Coward


          Breaking news.

          Man With Ipad Already Out In Coffee Shop In A VERY VERY Small Part Of The World welcomes these changes.

          Apple, you are go for launch.

        2. Geoff Campbell

          Yes, I've powered up an iPad

          And yes, it's quick. But it's still an extra action, which isn't required for phones, the natural home of NFC.


  9. Ian Ferguson
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    Foxconn protests?

    I know it's fashionable to diss the way Foxconn treats employees, but how many major Chinese industry park employees have the freedom to protest?

    The Foxconn employees might have it bad compared to us in the UK and US, but compared to the rest of China they have it pretty easy. Western perception has made sure of that; in a way we should be applauding Apple for choosing Foxconn (where people CAN complain). The alternative is an unnamed facility in central China with no media reports of employee abuse... which might be good for western companies' PR, but not so good for the actual employees.

    1. Maliciously Crafted Packet

      Its because they have nothing else left...

      to throw at Apple.

      When you can't proved a serious alternative product you have to look at what other means you can use to discredit your competitors. Despite the fact that your devices were built in the same or even worse sweatshop conditions as the iPad.

      If tech journalists and commenters here (me included) really gave a shit about foxconn and the like -which we don't-. We would all boycott Chinese goods -which we won't-. And until we have the conviction to do so, we are just as guilty by association.

  10. JDX Gold badge

    re:400,000 units is a VERY small initial rollout

    The iPad was something new, this is an update so sales will probably continue as before with a slight bump. How many are they selling per month?

  11. JaitcH

    "testing of the gizmo’s firmware is still ongoing"

    After the disastrous Lemon 4, it must the new process - testing them in the factory and not in the users hand.

    Guess this news will flatten sales of Version 1 and boost those of Samsung Galaxy pads for those wanting one for Christmas.

  12. Witty username
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    I actually laughed

    Guess all the people spending £600+ on the original are a tad underwhelmed by this? i wonder if stepehen fry will be borderline orgasmic over this one as well

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