back to article British troops in A'stan find festive minutes in Santa's sack

British soldiers on active service will get an extra half-hour of phone calls home this Christmas, and cheaper calling from Afghanistan too. Soldiers already get half an hour of free phone calls to the UK every week, and will get an extra half-hour for Christmas. Those in Afghanistan will be able to buy more minutes for 6.5 …


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  1. N2


    I remember a call from the Falklands was about a pound a minute.

    However with the technology available now, the calls should be free.

    1. Wize

      Internet in the Falklands is quite expensive

      There is a bit of a monopoly with internet connections out there. No 'unlimited' broadband connections (or even close to the 'fair use' policy of UK ISPs)

      Might change when the oil people get stuck in.

  2. irish donkey


    If War was free what would be the point in having one.

  3. Mark 65

    How much?

    You'd have thought they'd be able to get some internet bandwidth so those that could would use skype to skype with zero extra cost (video not necessary).

    1. Terry Barnes


      Firstly you presume that Internet bandwidth is free - it isn't. Assuming they can't just sling a fibre a few hundred miles to the nearest PoP, they'll have to use satellite - and that's definitely not free.

      Secondly - Even if it were possible - you think it's OK to bring the public Internet into a military facility in a war zone? I can't see anything bad ever happening with that, after all - it's not like anyone has any malicious intent towards our soldiers is it?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    I know one of the comms guys out there, frankly given his skill set and abilities at home I'm fucking amazed they can even make telephone calls let alone use the internet...

    Paris, a better comms tech by far..

  5. RJ


    It all uses satellite bandwidth so "just use skype" doesn't make it cheaper (compression aside).

    Depends how the squaddies are billed I guess.

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