back to article White iPhone inbound for spring of 2011

The long-delayed white iPhone is back on the road map, scheduled for Spring next year, according to shop signage spotted by 9to5 Mac. The angelic iPhone 4 will be available next year, according to the small print on the bottom of signs now going up in the Apple stores. So anyone hoping for a white (iPhone) Christmas is going …


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  1. DJV Silver badge

    About time!

    All those ceiling cats have been jealous of their basement buddies!!

  2. ThomH

    I'm curious how often Steve does this

    Where 'this' is announcing a product they expect to be able to manufacture without actually being completely certain yet. Assuming it has occurred more than just this once, I'd hate to be someone downstream in Apple's design team.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Pretty much

      Every IT project involves some sort of pushy boss/customer that necessitates right-to-left planning to meet the arbitrary deadline, followed by the realisation it'll never work as the required start date turns out to be 6 months ago.

      So we spend time figuring out what corners can be cut and if we can get resources to work overtime, ignoring the cost implications, and still end up late. Bust a nut/ovary to do it under pressure, and end up delivering to your initial estimate that was ignored/rejected by management. So we end up "on-time" by our first schedule, "late" by management's expected schedule, and massively over budget due to working overtime to fix all the design errors that cropped up due to missing out the quality gates in the earlier phase of the project to save time.

      Or is that just where I work?...

      A/C, for hopefully obvious reasons..

      1. Kubla Cant
        IT Angle

        IT Project?

        @AC: You're right about IT projects.

        But in what sense is putting a phone in a white case an IT project?

        I don't know what iPhones are made of, but unless it's something intrinsically black (ebony? jet? coal?), it's presumably just a matter of turning a different knob when the stuff's being made. Not something that requires months of planning, I should have thought.

        1. stizzleswick

          IT Project and colour options

          @ Kubla Cant: the hardware design is an IT project, after all. One problem I could imagine is, e.g., a white coating on the glass surfaces of the phone leading to unwanted reflections from the sides of the screen. Wouldn't fit Apple's quality standards and would have to be redesigned. Another possibility is that the manufacturer couldn't get the white coating sufficiently opaque. *shrug* Just speculating here. The rear lid has a mirror coating on at least part of its area; no idea how well that would work with white paint around it either. Or how well the white paint would work.

          Still, one would probably have expected the manufacturer to figure that out before announcing the product...

  3. Annihilator

    A committed fan required

    Presumably the iPhone 5* will be out 3 months later. So the lovely new white one will be out of date..

    * insert new name here

  4. Doug Glass

    Accessories ...

    ... will include a pair of white loafers with built in pouch for the device. Matching white belt and handbag is planned as s late summer accoutrement.

  5. ElNumbre

    Stuck in a goto 10 loop.

    So, the new must have iPhone out in the spring. So when is the Apple developer conference where they launch new products? Summer 2011? Where presumably they'll launch the iPhone 4GS.

    I'm glad i'm merely an observer, and not a participant in Job's perpetual motion machine.

  6. PsychicMonkey
    Jobs Horns

    I rather suspect

    a lot of the i-fan's have bought a black one, but will now go and get a white one anyway. Probably flogging the black one for a nice big loss.

    of course not all i-fan's are that stupid, but there are a lot of them.....

  7. Pavlov's obedient mutt

    I'm holding out

    a) coz my 3G - scratched, scuffed and not anywhere near pristine still does the job that I want

    b) coz I reckon the white 4 will have tweaks not mentioned - as is the Apple Way

    c) coz T-Mobile here in the Netherlands have had an 8 week waiting list for the black one which just puts me off.

  8. CmdrX3
    Thumb Down

    Oh goody

    I await with totally unbaited breath for the whoops, cheers and holding aloft of newly purchased gadge that will no doubt accompany the "introduction" of a different coloured phone.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    title clamps

    Did anyone manage to explain the white iphone4 that appeared in a BBC report on the madness during launch day?

    And, as much as I enjoy using my mac (with all its foibles), Apple is descending into the same insanity that grips another such worshipped tech company - Nintendo.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      At least Nintendo seem to perform a certain degree of testing.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        title clamps

        You'd think, but I've seen enough DS's with snapped hinges, dodgy mic's that can't pick up certain frequencies and buggered up screens without the owner treating it like dirt to know Ninty don't have the highest standards of build quality.

  10. Him over there

    Why make a black one at all?

    Is the white iPhone is so popular, why don't they go with white at launch in future and bring in the black one later?

    1. Annihilator

      Good idea

      They did that with the iPod. These things are not at all cyclical. Erm... wait.... hang on..

  11. Anonymous Coward

    What a brilliant sub title!

    "Will be invisible in typical fanboi white-cube dwelling"

    Reminds me so much of a particular Ab Fab episode!

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