back to article Google aims Nexus S smartphone at US, UK

It's official: the next Nexus smartphone will be out on 20 December. As expected, Samsung is the manufacturer, branding the Googlephone as the Nexus S. The handset will run Gingerbread - Android 2.3. Samsung Nexus S It'll sport a 4in, 480 x 800 display; a 5Mp camera; tri-band HSDPA 3G connectivity; 16GB of Flash storage; …


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  1. Lottie
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    But only a 1GhZ CPU? I'd have thought that in an industry where bigger numbers are shouted about, they'd have had a faster one.

    Still, it does look nice and I like Samsung phones. My last one was nearly indestructable.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    In two minds

    The contract on my HTC Hero runs out in a few weeks, so this arrives with perfect timing. A new version of Android... new gadgetty features I'll probably never use, a more responsive CPU

    But why oh why did Google choose to let Samsung build their new phone? Samsung's build quality is AWFUL. The Galaxy is made of the cheapest plastics known to man, and any Samsung electrical device I've owned in the last 10 years has barely outlasted its 12 month warranty.

    I think I'll need to see how it performs in a few "drop tests" in Carphone Warehouse before shelling out my pennies.

  3. Anonymous Coward


    "According to the Korean giant, the Nexus S "supports HD-like multimedia content". So almost HD, but not quite, then."

    These damned telcos will do anything to dupe a few more customers, e.g. by including HD in the description.

  4. GeorgeTuk

    I know this is a tech website...

    ....but the updates to all handsets are now so granular there is really no need to rush to upgrade.

    Yes there are still the hardcore who seem to be rabidly argiung their platform is best but it doesn't bother or anyone I know in the slightest. We have iPhones, Blackberries and Androids of different vintages and have all decided there is little difference.

    Apart from BES, which is still the best way of providing business use email on a phone.

  5. Notorious Biggles


    So what's that improved from the Nexus 1? It's very similar hardware, not even a higher resolution camera.

    1. Fremma

      Meh 2.

      And what has improved from the Galaxy S? All the specs look identical except for Android 2.3 and I'm fairly sure* that the Galaxy S will get that too.

      * Meaning "that's what the bloke in the shop who sold me my Galaxy S told me just before he took my money".

  6. Steve Brammer

    Limited market?

    What about the rest of the World apart from US and UK?

    1. Rattus Rattus


      What about the rest of the world? I'm still annoyed I had to pay over the odds to get my Nexus One imported. I know Google is an American company but I thought they were staffed with the smart kind of Americans that actually know there is a world outside the US rather than just "Here be dragons."

      And Samsung certainly know this.

  7. Ammaross Danan


    "the Nexus S "supports HD-like multimedia content". So almost HD, but not quite, then."

    A 480x800 display can't pull 1080p, sorry. Perhaps "HD-like" means supports clear images at 480x800@29.95fps, which would make the aspect ratio 15:9, rather than the "HD" 16:9. That's "-like" enough for me, except I'd have just injected a bit of black space above and below the vid to get a real 16:9 ratio...

    Also a shame the camera takes a step backwards from the 8MP on the likes of HTC's phones to a mid-range 5MP "good enough for the iPhone" camera.

    1. Il Midga di Macaroni

      HD is overrated anyway

      People go ga-ga over HD because it's big and clear and all that. But really, that doesn't apply to a phone screen! 16:9, 15:9, 4:3, what's the difference?

    2. Snapper

      ....feel the width!

      It may not be a step backwards as resolution is a poor measure of quality. The lens of the camera, especially in such a thin body, makes much more difference.

      As most people hold their phone cameras at arms length when taking a shot no amount of extra MP will get it sharper. Photographic techniques of holding the camera STEADY whilst taking a photo haven't changed from the last 150+ years.

      The name is a clue.

  8. Nya

    Nice contract packages, shame on the rest.

    Supposidly it come unlocked which is nice, and with Carphone Whorehouse doing the phone free on £35 on any provider seems a damn nice idea if true but according to the BBC site it is. Thats a pretty nice deal.

    Hardware wise considering Nexus' are ment to be there as technological demonstrators to push Android forward, sadly not much pushing forward here really. The speech recongition control is really something I don't fancy. Wittering at the phone I want to add a contact or an appointment I'm not sure on at all. Everything else just seems a bit run of the mill sadly though. Nice phone, nothing really driving forward like the Nexus One did though...shame.

  9. dirk_diggler


    I don't get it. It's apparently $529.99 in the US but £549.99 here.

    I'm going to be buying one of these, but there's no way I'm paying £200 more than I should.

    Reg - Android icon please?

  10. Drefsab

    seriously disappointed

    I love the Nexus one its a great phone however im now looking at whats next, and aparently its a phone with the same speed cpu, same ram, same res screen (though slightly bigger display), same quality camera, same wifi speed (wireless n on the nexus one and desires been available for ages).

    All in all apart from the only advantages of the upgrade would be having slightly more internal storage (not a problem because I use a large SD card anyways), slightly larger screen which is a nice addition, and the updated OS that will be available on my phone anyway.

    Thanks but no thanks I will keep what I have and wait for something worth getting, maybe the rumored Galaxy 2.

  11. enaptt

    Samsung Misery

    Seriously WTF.

    I'd get one if i wasn't abstaining from buying a Samsung phone after the no update I7500. :(

    Bad Google. BAD!

  12. Eek

    Rip of Britain by the looks of it

    And a hate saying so but $529 in the us is not £549 in any exchange rate I've seen recently. Yes I know VAT (at 20%) has to be added but $529 is £335 so a fair price including VAT is £400 not £550.

  13. IR


    I'm sure it looks awesome on a 4-inch screen.

  14. YoYO

    And the biggest hardware leap between this and the Galaxy S is ...........

    .............what exactly?

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    According to the latest Wikileaks....

    This phone was designed using Alien technology acquired by stealing it from Amazonian tribesmen.

    Obama already has three - one of which is decorated in the stars and stripes. He gives it a firm thumbs up.

  16. Anonymous Coward
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    no trackball?

    or is there a hidden optical trackpad thingy? I know its touch screen but for scrolling through text one letter at a time say to correct spelling the trackpad/mouse is invaluable.

    I was tempted but it just seems to be a nexus one that someone sat on. I wonder how revolutionary the curved screen actually is. especially how strong it is!

    mind you, I have to give it a thumbs up for NOT HAVING OPERATOR SHITE all over it.

  17. uhuznaa


    I mean, really? Samsung seems to try to be just more expensive than Apple, or what? The iPhone 4 is £500 and that thing is £549? What for?

    The Samsung Galaxy S is certainly a nice phone, although not four times as nice as the Orange San Francisco for £99 and that Nexus S can't be five times as nice. It's just an Android Smartphone, Google or not. I might buy it for £200 or maybe £300... but £549? Madness!

  18. JaitcH

    Just in time for Santa Claus and Chinese New Years / Tet in February

    At last there is choice for these annual celebrations, with the latest OS, rather than a phone that can't be held or earlier generation Android.

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