back to article Groupon shuns Google's $6bn takeover bonanza

Groupon walked away from acquisition talks with Google late last week, after speculative reports suggested that the world’s largest ad broker was willing to splurge up to $6bn to buy the e-commerce coupon outfit. According to the Chicago Tribune, which cited sources familiar with the matter, Groupon turned its back on Google …


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  1. TeeCee Gold badge

    That was short-lived.

    Presumably Groupon, who went in my experience from "who the fuck are they?" to "as advertised on every bloody page I browse to" as soon as this buyout story started doing the rounds, will now go back to anonymity.

    Just sometimes there are things that crop up that make me glad I don't have adblock. It was very interesting to see firsthand the sudden and not entirely unexpected ubiquity of Groupon which I would have been blissfully unaware of, had I that addon installed.

    It must have been hard for Groupon to turn this one down with that: "But look where you could be seen....." dangled in front of them. Not that this was dangled at all of course, I'm sure that there's a perfectly reasonable and entirely less evil explanation that doesn't involve Google gaming their own ad system to suit themselves here.

  2. Mikel

    I was hoping this would fail

    Groupon is interesting. They aren't five Novell's interesting. That much money for a company that new is just crazy.

    1. alwarming
      Paris Hilton

      This is a game of chess...

      .. groupon wants 6 billion and they are spreading the rumour about it...

      Google may want to pay something in the ballpark of 2. Since the middle ground is too far from both sides,

      as of now there is no, err, middle ground.

      Paris, coz she doesn't negotiate.

  3. ratfox

    That is why I could never create a company

    If I ever had a successful company, any 8-digits offer would probably have me asking where to sign...

    And these guys refused a 10-digits offer.

    How I will ever get a job with so little ambition?

  4. joejack

    Dumb and dumber

    Are they kidding? I don't know who's dumber, Google for offering that much, or Groupon for turning them down. They're about to get seriously marginalized by a number of competitors.

  5. Richard 15

    Groupon can be done better, for a lot cheaper and less evil

    Groupon is going to have to change or they will fail.

    Right now they have some suckers willing to cough up a whole lot for the rights to

    sell things at a small percentage and keep an even smaller one. As time goes on, someone

    will come up with their own site and offer the same service for less.

    It's like those coupon books they used to push hard. They got people to pay for the right to

    include their coupons in a coupon book, then they also managed to get people to buy the

    coupon books. Thing is, I don't see them around anymore since it did not make enough

    sense to either the potential customers or the businesses.

    They must have a heck of a salesforce to convince businesses to let groupon keep 50% of

    the sales AFTER the price was already slashed. The only way it would make sense is if they

    managed to develop a significant percentage into long term customers or if they were so

    overpriced to begin with that they at least break even after getting perhaps 25% of the list


    So, while groupon looks a bit juicy with their cash flow (I have no idea what their costs and debts are) it would be far cheaper to simply create their own site, offer it for a less evil piece

    of the action, which would likely drive enough traffic to make more profit anyway.

    They can learn from groupon and do it better.

    Go ahead and pay 10-12 times real earnings (not gross sales) if you must jump into it,

    otherwise be patient and build a better creation without the pitfalls from dealing with their

    evil past actions.

    Evil being defined as that the only company that really makes out on the deal is groupon.

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