back to article Google in 'better' copyright protection vow

As it seeks to make nice with the big name record labels, TV networks, and movie studios, Google has announced that it's working to provide better protection against online copyright infringement. At least in four small ways. "As the web has grown, we have seen a growing number of issues relating to infringing content. We …


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  1. thecakeis(not)alie

    "...will improve its tools for those would wish to challenge a DMCA takedown..."

    Astonishing. Most especially in an era where governments are moving towards both "guilty upon accusation" (e.g. copyright infringement) and "guilty until proven innocent" (e.g. being allowed to fly, take photos, enter public buildings). From a business standpoint it just doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s sort of like tilting at China over censorship; a battle they will eventually lose.

    It is moves like this – defending our freedoms in ways our governments long ago rejected responsibility for – that almost make me think Google isn’t evil. Still, I can’t imagine that the other collected megacorporates and governments will let Google get away with helping to empower “the little guy” for much longer.

    +1 to you, Google.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      +0.001 to google

      ... on the grounds that they are providing better tools to the corps to initiate the takedowns in the first place. The damage has happened before the little guy gets to use his tool.

      Also, I am not too partial to the plans to edit search terms and bias the results to satisfy the corps. A little bit too much (ie >0) censorship power to be giving them, I think.

  2. Pablo

    A suggestion for Mr. Bpi

    Why don't you create a simple convenient online store where people can buy songs? I bet Google would find no problem if it existed.

  3. Gordon Pryra
    Thumb Up

    I got a bit of a scare reading part of that

    "for copyright owners who use the tools responsibly."

    WTF? Since when has ANYONE in the history of the internet used any tools responsibly?

    The next line showed me that Google are actually on the same planet as the rest of us

    "Google will improve its tools for those would wish to challenge a DMCA takedown with a counter notice"

    Who cares if Google are evil? At least they treat the rest of the world as equal (equally menial maybe, but still equal)

    BTW Gimmi an "I earnt £934554 from the internet while I was asleep" icon

  4. Anonymous Coward


    "Google search overwhelmingly directs consumers looking for music and other digital entertainment to illegal sites"

    Isn't a search engine supposed to search what's actually there, rather than what some industry lobby wishes were there?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    BPI is an industry giant, it's of doctored reports, Shirley.

    DMCA takedown always was mostly the tool of big corps, so it's a fairly important datum that only now you can object to notices at all. They'll still be ignored, of course, for industry is industry is industry. The "corps to use takedown notices responsibly" is so much "we're not evil, honest" crap. They own youtube and all the takedown shenanigans that come with that.

    Now for a way to turn off that autocomplete thing, along with that preview thing, and I might consider using them again. Having to take excuisite care what search box to use and where to move the mouse cursor to not get spammed under with things I'm not interested in (those being "preview popups") is not my idea of an enjoyable "user experience".

    Much like the oh-so-helpful revamp of picture search that manages to swamp out everything while my box tries to keep up with all the javascript. No idea what it's doing, but it's doing an awful lot of it. Yes, I have an old box. Why should I upgrade? For some google dev's javascript fetish? Give me the choice for the old interface please.

    1. John H Woods Silver badge

      Use scroogle...

      ... plain interface, no frills, no incremental search - and encrypted too.

  6. Bilgepipe

    Google TV

    This has nothing to do with content providers boycotting Google TV. Northing at all.

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