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back to article Unreleased Lady Gaga songs nabbed in audacious hack

A pair of Germans allegedly used malware to break into computers used by managers and agents of more than 50 music stars including Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake. The two as yet unnamed hackers - a 17-year-old from Duisburg and a 23-year-old from Wessel, both in the Ruhr Area of Western Germany - used unspecified malware to …


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  1. Mark Randall
    Thumb Down


    I am profoundly disappointed this article doesn't carry a NSFW tag and copies of the aforementioned pictures of Ke$ha =(

    1. mmiied

      re: blah

      and I am very glad it did not

  2. Annihilator Silver badge


    Can I offer to start a fund to pay them not to release those photos of Ke$ha? I think the world would be safer without them in the public domain...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Scoundrels allegedly had NUDE PICS of popstress Ke$ha too"

    At which point they hacked her computer a second time to put the pictures back.

  4. George Nacht


    That just goes to show that being savvy is still better than being just tech-savvy.

    Stilll. "...blackmail singer into public DJ battle..." WTF? - Am I so hopelessly old or are young today hopelessly crazy?

    1. jake Silver badge


      "Am I so hopelessly old or are young today hopelessly crazy?"


      Seriously, none of the mentioned "performers" ring a bell with me. I must be in the wrong demographic. Pardon while I change Jerry Jeff Walker's "¡Viva Terlingua!" LP for Ian Dury's "New Boots and Panties!!" ... Not actual vinyl, mind, I recorded 'em to half inch tape 30 years ago, and then digitized them a couple decades ago ...

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    My favourite sin.

  6. BorkedAgain
    Thumb Up

    Unreleased LaGaGa sounds good to me.

    Shame they couldn't have hidden the master copies as well...

  7. John H Woods Silver badge

    Be nice to Ke$ha you lot ...

    ... come on - how many hot blonde pop starlets are on record as saying they like fat blokes with beards?

    1. Asgard

      Blackmailing Hackers and Pop Starlets ... sounds like a reality show! :(

      Blackmailing Hackers and Pop Starlets, one more reality show I wouldn't watch.

      "how many hot blonde pop starlets are on record as saying they like fat blokes with beards"

      What these "pop starlets" say *for media attention* and what the do, are often two entirely different things. Don't ever forget they are playing to the cameras and they want more attention so they say whatever gets them more media attention.

      In reality these "pop starlets" are usually attracted to Narcissistic Personality Disordered blokes who they mistakenly perceive as strong characters. Its why their relationships are so volatile and have such a high probability of failure. The Narcissists will often cheat as it makes them feel more powerful and the Histrionics cheat for more attention. But then when you find someone who is Histrionic or Narcissistic they usually have streaks of the other disordered behaviour within them as well. Its why they get on and its why they are often so duplicitous, volatile and untrustworthy.

      Ironically these hackers are also displaying a similar need for attention which has been their downfall. But they also combine that need for attention with being a big enough bastard to try to use blackmail, which is a need to exert influence other overs to control them to give them money. There's that warning sign need for control. They are showing warning signs of being arrogant self interested Narcissists combined with a Histrionic need for attention. Dealing with someone with one personality disorder is bad enough, but two disorders, no thanks.

      To illustrate what I've said (for scientific purposes) try looking up the lyrics of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face". It illustrates a systematic attitude of manipulative deception. That's really the type of person you are dealing with. Whilst you obviously can't just take the lyrics on their own as evidence, in Lady Gaga's case, its bloody obvious to almost everyone how badly she is suffering from a Histrionic Personality Disorder. But then that constant need for attention has earned her millions, so it shows in some ways its an advantage, because unfortunately our society is set-up to reward this kind of behaviour.

      But then ask yourself why our society rewards this behaviour. Why is it that people with money and power want to promote this kind of behaviour as good. I've found the more you ask yourself this question, the more it opens up a huge can of worms, as you start to see the politicians and top business people are this same kind of person. Its why they hold up this behaviour as the way to be and its why they are such two faced bastards as well.

      1. adnim

        And why

        *WE* post comments to forums?

        There is no sanity on this planet just varying degrees of madness.

        "a systematic attitude of manipulative deception."... Although taken somewhat out of context, I couldn't have described the methods employed by the news media, marketing execs, large corporations and our government better.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Thumb Up

        I'm not a Narcissist

        I'm genuinely better than everyone else.

        Your pal,

        Lady Gaga

        1. asdf

          lol except

          Too bad the kids are too dumb and young to realize Gaga is a hack basically Madonna 25 years ago but with less talent and charisma.

        2. alwarming
          Paris Hilton

          Being better is not enough.

          You need to love your self, LG.

          Paris, coz sham sung her way to billboard.

    2. Uk_Gadget

      No title here

      Sh1t, I'm gonna grow a beard pronto...............

  8. FozzyBear

    Crime against humanity

    Releasing that sort of "noise" (still can't force myself to say music) into the public domain, it must constitute either a crime against humanity, terrorism or similar.

    1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Crime against humanity

      You are old. That is all.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I worked on some visuals and 3d body scans of Gaga for her tour

    ...and obviously mentioned it on our website because it was good for business. Wasn't long before we got a peculiar email purporting to be from her tour manager asking for her tour visuals to be sent via ftp. It seemed like a blatant attempt to scam stuff out of us because none of it added up (if they'd known anything about the job they'd have known it wasn't us who did the final postproduction and delivery), but they had gone to great lengths to try and add spurious detail that seemed plausible.

    Except there's no way I'm going to send out material like that to random people on the internet, ffs, Only the very people who paid the bills would have got me to do that. I told him who he should be making the request to, and that they should know who to contact. Funnily enough there was never another peep out of them after that. Don't think they were german though.

  10. Jon 86

    So what.

    These singers were clothings that are next to nudity anyways so this is nothing new. Let this be warning - "all your nude photos are belong to skids".

    Wear a penguin outfit and be safe from remote admin trojans aka RAT.

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