back to article Yahoo! wonks! brace! for! lay-offs!

Job cuts at Yahoo! are reportedly coming before the year is out, with about 650 lay-offs at the Carol Bartz-run firm expected to kick off on 13 December. Blake Irving. Who me? It's mostly Blake Irving's staff facing the chop, say sources All Things Digital, which cited sources familiar with the situation, said Yahoo! is …


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  1. Peter 4

    Yahoo is total crap.

    I recently succumbed to the Nectar entreaties to install the Nectar tool bar and 'earn' points for searches. Very silly of me.

    My normal Google page disappeared leaving me with a vast page of nasty advertising, and the toolbar was now going to Yahoo. I played with it a little, not really thinking, then later I needed to find a local timber merchant (or Wickes or B&Q) for some work I am doing on my room.

    I was amazed that following the links from that page led me to a couple of timber merchants in far off NE London, and nothing else! I live in Deptford, SE London!!!

    I was really unhappy that Yahoo do not offer a reasonable choice of places and exclude anything I can easily find through Google.

    Naturally I trashed all signs of Yahoo, and the Nectar rubbish.

    No wonder they are losing out with their stupidly restricted policy.

    Fuck 'em.


  2. asdf

    only thing yahoo good for

    Is the free stock/mutual fund information on the their finance page. Otherwise they didn't get the memo the massive crowded web portal concept died years ago. And to think they could have sold themselves to M$ for over $30 a share. Lmao@Yahoo losers.

  3. James Woods

    let me just be one of the first to say

    F U yahoo employees.

    Isn't that how you guys talk over there? :)

    Run to the f'in unemployment office now.

This topic is closed for new posts.