back to article Bolivians still grimly browsing on Sony Ericsson phones

Canadians are in love with iOS devices, while Symbian stomps the opposition in Chad, and British affections are torn equally between Apple and RIM when it comes to smartphone platforms. The figures come from StatCounter, and are based on browsing habits rather than ownership - there are an awful lot of Symbian handsets that …


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  1. AJames

    It's the contract,

    While the stats about smartphone OS are interesting, an important influence is the nature of the contracts offered in each country. For example in Canada the iPhone is offered only with an expensive multi-year contract including a high-use data plan. If you get an iPhone, you're certainly going to use it for browsing! Blackberry and Android phones are available cheap, without a contract, and can be used on low-limit data plans for the more cost-conscious.

  2. Chris 2

    People's Republic of Android

    "Samsung's presence in North Korea pushes Android to account for almost 80 per cent of all mobile browsing there"

    Is this a joke at Sarah Palin's expense? Or is Kim Jong Il really updating his Facebook with a Galaxy S?

    Does nobody there buy any of Samsung's other phones? It's not like they don't have plenty of other OS options to choose from if they have to buy Samsung.

    1. Conrad Longmore


      LG also make Android phones. No, really they do.

    2. Code Monkey

      @People's Republic of Android

      That's Democratic* People's Republic of Android to you, revisionist American lapdog!

      * it really is the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

    3. Peter Mylward


      I thought exactly the same thing, but a bit of research indicates that there is indeed a 3G network in North Korea covering 75% of the country, called Koryolink. It has apparenlty growing massively, being the oly network and has 300,000 users.

      See for more info.

      Got to admit I didnt expect that, but cheaper than building a copper/fibre netwrok from scratch, and easier to maintain, suppose it makes sense these days.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    So from this data we learn that...

    North Korea has 5 android phones, and Symbian is way more popular than iOS for drug deals and roadside IEDs.

    Yes, my world is now a better place. Thank you, statistics!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    - Self loathing Canadians loves Southern cousin so much that it'd rather eat at the McDs than eat

    homemade pie. Meanwhile their southernly cousins lustily devour their pie.

    - El Reg is trying to flatter Palin - imitation is the best form of flattery after all.

    - Samsung strikes back by allowing cousing Hyundai to push Kia cars...

    resulting in downward sales of NoKia phones, following similar sounding protests from Kia users.

    - Australians, prove that they are outdoorsy, brainless machomen by throwing Nerdy Android outa window and snugging softly to the sweet coochekoo sounds of heysoos.

    all in all, marketing is a wonderful world.

  5. Charles Calthrop
    Thumb Down

    Poor Nokia

    this must hurt:

  6. Daniel B.


    Given the astounding quantity of 3 iPhones I've seen in the last 3 years, I really, really doubt that Mexico is an iOS-touting region. Blackberries are becoming so common it seems like it is the new StarTAC (reference to "phone the world+dog seems to have) in the smartphone market. The one thing that could be skewing the data is that not all Blackberry ownershave BIS service, thus they aren't browsing the interwebs with their devices; those who do have BIS will usually do IM, BB Messenger, and use the native apps for FB and twitter. Not much web browsing there.

  7. Tigra 07

    No Tit Required

    Interesting how they pointed out that Symbian only really dominates in third world countries isn't it.

    Does that mean their market share will fall faster now the cheap as chips androids will be sold there and take their most popular market?

  8. Mr Michael Strelitz

    It was the same with VHS and Betamax

    Despite all the press about VHS trumping Betamax in the 90's, in parts of the world - including many countries in South America and the Near East - it was the dominant format and is/was one of the most commercially succesful products ever developed.

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