back to article Me, myself and Eric: Google delays social network effort, says report

Google has reportedly delayed the official launch of a social network it’s understood to be quietly mothering until spring next year. According to Mashable, the so-called “Google Me” virtual playground – which the Mountain View Chocolate Factory has declined to directly comment on – will land in March or April of 2011. …


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  1. Ralph B

    An Alternative Approach

    An alternative and much cheaper approach for Google would be to simply relaunch Orkut with a new name. Just pretend it's a new product, and if the Brazilians and Indians say otherwise, tell them to hush and give them some free adword tokens.

    Orkut. Sounds like the preliminary cough prior to a vomit. That's reason enough for non-adoption in most of the world.

    Just rename it Google Hug or somesuch and Zuckerberg would start sweating. Even more.

  2. Ad Fundum

    Yawn, move on ...

    Here's a challenge for you, Google - why don't you actually think of a new product and try that, instead of just copying what 58 other sites did a decade ago?

  3. David 164

    Not surprise

    Not surprising really.

    Google music service has been delayed, various other products with in Google has already been delayed.

    An the new product has probably been receiving a lot of feed back an new designs ideas from the acquisitions Google has made over the last year.

    An it obvious that they current laying the foundations for a social network service in many of Google current products.

  4. Jack 4

    Google fails...

    I would welcome an alternative to Facebook that didn't try to come up with five new ways to violate my privacy before breakfast, the way that Facebook does.

    Unfortunately, after their screw-up with Google Buzz where they gave everyone you happened to e-mail on gmail the names of everyone *else* that you e-mailed using gmail, whether you wanted them to know it or not, it's pretty clear that Google is not going to be the one to do it.

  5. Justin Clements

    yeah, Google still not getting it....

    Google still not getting it.

    We (the user) are not interested in Google Social Networking - because we have Facebook.

    For us (the users), it requires us to tear up our significant investment in time in Facebook and transport it all over to Google along with all our friends.

    Which we (the users) aren't going to do. For a number of reasons:

    1. Can't be arsed

    2. Still can't be arsed

    3. Nope, see me lifting a finger so that you (Google) can make more billions? nope, that's cause we (the users) aren't lifting said finger

    4. Can't be arsed

  6. David 164

    Facebook fears Google an Google have not even flinch in the social circle yet.

    Justin Clements

    Except a lot of Facebook users are Gmail users an Youtube users an google search users.

    People still use them an there use is about equal or just below that of Facebook.

    If Google can design a easy way for people to use there network connect there friends, then very quickly I imagine saying why do I have to go to a other site when my friends on Youtube, I can use my gmail address, an I can even phone, video conversations an instant message my friends, why watching Youtube videos together.

    If Google can get this to work, design a easy to use interface that seamlessly with there products, this got a chance to be a huge hit an people could well start using with out even reliesing they using it, an once they are suck in they could well forget facebook.

    Will this happen over night nope but if anyone can do it Google.

    In many area Google services exceeds Facebook by an order of magitude in functuality. There a reason Facebook developer team went into lock down mode, it because they fear Google an what they have the capabilities of doing.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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