back to article Google Earth steps 'seamlessly' into Street View

Google has announced the release of Google Earth 6 - now with fully-integrated Street View allowing amazed netizens to "journey from outer space right to your doorstep in one seamless flight". It is sort-of seamless, too, with Street View's pegman "docked right alongside the navigation controls", and available for dragging …


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  1. Wize

    Having only used Google maps (and competitors)...

    And having to delete the large chunks of Google Earth cashe from machines with full hard drives to get them working...

    (And unable to see videos at work...)

    Whats the bonus of using Google Earth over using their online maps?

    1. Grease Monkey Silver badge


      Jeeeesuss! How big's your hard drive? I'm counting 300MB of data from GE after about six months of use.

  2. ElNumbre

    Go back....

    In GE6, you can go back to a time before Google in some area's. The History button lets you view 'archive' views. Over area's of Birmingham (UK), you can view photo's from 1945 which is pretty cool.

  3. Ginolard
    Paris Hilton

    One track mind?

    Is it me or does she say Google Earth Sex at around 0:09??

    Paris because of something about a 3D bush

  4. yeahyeahno


    Anyone manage to get this working on Ubuntu? Doesn't seem like anyone has judgeing by the posts on the support forum.

    They even seem to behaving problems making it work in Windows...

    1. Tony Green
      Thumb Up

      Seems to be a 64-bit problem

      Just installed it this morning on 64-bit Mandriva and it fell in a heap. After a lot of digging, I found out I needed to install the 32-bit version of glibc_lsb. (because it's a 32-bit ELF). I'm not sure what the equivalent is on Ubuntu (having given up on its crappy installer last year) but I'm sure the name will be similar.

      Once that was installed it worked perfectly. Starts up in half the time of version 5 and is FAR more responsive, despite a significantly lager memory-footprint.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Thumb Up

        Lager footprint?

        You wouldn't be dashing off your comment while thinking of dashing off to the pub, I suppose?

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Better not be in a hurry

      For the latest Goggle Earth on Linux.

      It'll get there, in the end...

      1. Steven Raith

        Why wait?

        I have it on my Ubuntu 10.04 netbook. It's a bit slow, though, natch.

        sudo apt-get install <that libc thingy>

        run the binary installer in the tmp folder, shuffle a couple of files around.

        Job jobbed, in essence, although a .deb would be nice so it can do this stuff automagically.

        Guide here, which worked for me. Can't talk about 64bit, though.

        Hope that helps.

        Steven R

  5. thesykes

    No Chrome!

    At least they've added the option to opt out of installing Chrome.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      They've added no such thing It's always been easy to install GE without Chrome all the way up to the last release of 5.2.

  6. Imsimil Berati-Lahn

    Pegman takes a holiday.

    I would like to see Pegman donning a black balaklava to carry out virtual burglaries then pegging it off along his meticulously planned escape route with Peg-Police in hot pursuit. Oh how I wish I'd studied media production :(

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Still not in real-time ...

    ... though, is it Google?

    Hmpf. FAIL.

  8. Grease Monkey Silver badge


    So they've got the moon in there. When do we get to see street view on the moon?

  9. bugalugs

    @AC 201011301439

    Non real-timeness is this programme's saving grace, imho.

  10. Peter Laws

    CPU Hog

    Is it just me that has this... It hogs all my 4 cores at 90-100% even when idle..... Erm.... Oooookkkkayyy

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