back to article Pirate Bay appeal failure spawns more DoS attacks

The failure of the Pirate Bay appeal has spawned reprisal denial of service attacks by the loosely banded Anonymous collective against the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). anonymous logo Anonymous: 'Ummm. Nope.' Frances Moore IFPI Frances Moore: 'Pirate Bay should do the responsible thing …


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  1. yoinkster

    Love it really

    You have got to laugh at their terrible grasp of torrent sites and how piracy works.

    You can just hear the meeting now:

    Bod1: "Yes! TPB is shut, piracy is dead and revenues will increase exponentially!"

    Bod2: "We are so amazing, we must totally give ourselves a pat on the back and increase our prices now that piracy has been beaten, more profit!"

    *two days later*


  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Denial doesn't change reality

    Attacking copyright holders for enforcing copyright law is about as technically and socially ignorant as anyone could get. Do these morons actually think DDS attacks will change law? Nope it will just inspire the authorities to convict more pirates.

    1. JC 2

      @ Denial doesn't ch ange reality

      Would you prefer they went to the copyright holders and legislators' homes and harassed them? Let them do as they please, you don't have to agree with them for it to be short sighted to assume they are technically or socially ignorant.

      On the contrary, if it is anything it is socially informed to get together a group of people via the internet, but I concede that in the end this act alone is of low effectiveness in swaying lawmakers to consider the public's concern over the poor state of copyright law, that it needs updated to align with today's digital information era in enabling ways, not just restrictive and punitive ones.

      Kind of ironic though that you posted anonymous. If you don't believe in what you're writing enough to put your name (or even less, an internet forum handle) on it, it must not be very important.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      And the reality is ...

      that TPB wasn't hosting copyrighted material, but the companies went after them because they needed someone to beat up and there was nobody else handy at the time. Or did I miss something?

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Nothing changes the law except money.

      The will of the people means nothing in our "democratic" society. People want to be able to access any media on any device at any time regardless of restriction? Too damned bad! (Note, that's not asking for the media to be free: just for the media to be unrestricted.) "The people" have no power in this world. Civil disobedience, protests…even voting have no effect. Meet the new Corrupt Overlords…same as the old Corrupt Overlords.

      Why the hell should we play by their rules again? Until power is returned to “the people,” then to hell with them. If you think you can beat the system by working from within it you are naive. I am more than a walking wallet. I will continue to torrent EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF MEDIA I PURCHASE. You know why? Because then I can put it on any device and access it any time that I want.

      I pay for my media, but like hell will I let some rich SOB tell me what I can do with what I’ve bought. You’ll excuse me if I don’t shed one salty tear for some already rich bastards whinging that they don’t have enough control over the hoi polloi and/’or aren’t able to extract enough money by having us repurchase the same shite over and over again.

      You can have fifteen payments for the same song the day I get paid fifteen times for the same hour of work, and not a minute before!

    4. Joe Drunk


      This has nothing to do with changing the law or fighting for freedom on the internet. Their DDS attacks are of limited duration and serve nothing more than to cause annoyance to the target websites. What have they accomplished? Are IFPI/RIAA et al going to give in to the demands of freetards?

      This is all about some introverted individual(s) of pre-pubescent mentality whom have never had contact with the opposite sex's ability to brag on underground forums and IRC about how l337 they are and can never be caught.

      It's a desperate cry for attention, nothing more.

  3. Washington Irving

    @ "What have they accomplished?"

    well, they have keelhauled ACS:Law and the sharks be circling, arrr...

  4. SteveTM

    Governments are out of touch and out of their depth

    They are fighting a battle that will never be won. In fact they have probably only made it worse.

    Once upon a time Torrents were limited to just a few in the know, then through these campaigns more and more people came to know of torrents and sites just like the Pirate Bay.

    When The Pirate Bay is forced to close, 10 will spring up to replace it. In fact I can think of 10 other Torrent sites right now.

    I can think of at least 2 which are special membership - supported by small donations...

    It will never end and governments and record companies etc will never win.

    Files have always been shared and always will.

    =- -=

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