back to article Yes! It's the Reg Hardware Mass iPad Case Test

What do you buy the iPad owner who has everything? Another case of course, and to help you choose one - for yourself too, if you're a fan of the Apple tablet - Reg Hardware has gathered together, reviewed and rated dozens of the things. Macally BookStand To help you navigate the sheer volume of cases we've checked out - all …


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  1. Paul F

    What no Dodo?

    Dodocase? Anyone? Anyone? Beuler?

  2. Barry Rueger

    But can I get a case for my iPad case?

    How come these paragons of beautiful design always wind up being wrapped in some usually ugly aftermarket plastic packaging? (and yes, I have seen someone using a iPhone inside a ZipLok brand sandwich bag)

    Are Apple products really so delicate, or their cases so prone to damage that you can't just use them as purchased?

    I've never had a case for a phone, even when working construction - I wouldn't buy something that needed that level of extra protection.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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