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Pigs, gavvers, filth, babylon, bizzies. The sheer wealth of familiar pejoratives suggests few people admire the police. Even fewer, I suspect, admire traffic cops. But despite an incongruous contempt for those who uphold the law, I'm sure many people share my fantasy of a night spent behind the wheel of a lumbering Volvo Estate …


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  1. Snake Plissken

    Takes from so much else

    Cop Mode is just a shinied up Chase HQ and that is nigh on twenty odd years old. The progression/reward system is Burnout. Seacrest County is the hilly bits of Paradise City.

    Having said that, the game is massive fun and I haven't really got into the online racing aspect of it yet. The social side of it, with the integration of your friends list, is going to be pure crack as you get close or beat your friends times.

  2. Peter Clarke 1

    Let's go Mr Driver

    Damn, got beat to the Chase HQ reference. Will have to have words with Nancy at HQ

    Would an updated version with wizz-ban graphics sell?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    best ever race mode?!

    maybe I missed it and this game does it too, but, in the immortal F1GP by Geoff Crammond there was "indestructible mode" - so, start from the back of an F1 grid in a 3-lapper, and try to win by zooming up the insides of chicanes etc and "braking" by crashing into rival cars.

    enormously skilful, great judgement required, laugh out loud hilarious.

  4. Hoe
    IT Angle

    Hardware? Really?

    Anyway good review, maybe I will reconsider and buy it, though I have heard you cannot even use manual gears?!

  5. Hoe

    In fact, forget Chase HQ

    The game this sounds most like is Copper N Robbers mode in Midtown Madness 2!

    That was also seriously addictive.

  6. Robert Heffernan

    You Forgot...

    It's also available on PC.

  7. madhatt3r

    great stuff

    as the first posters say, feels like the perfect mix of chase hq, out run, spy hunter and the first 3 nfs games.

    i think you can use manual gears but the thing is so frenetic and addictive that i haven't been able to bother to look. its more about braking, handbraking and using weapons than changing gears really

    not like midtown madness though, that was a free roamer as far as i remember, here you don't get much choice of which way to go but it is real fun: simple, fast and did I say addictive?

    soon to come test drive unlimited 2 as well, that will sort out the free roaming bit

  8. Anonymous Coward

    damn it

    i was hoping for a "Burnout Paradise 2" but it seems to just "Burnout Revenge 2"

    :( mumble

    Fail cos for me it is.

    1. Pepitoe
      Thumb Up


      I would also like to see a Paradise sequel, it was clear since they announced this game that it wasn't going to be like that. Let's hope now this game is done they can get to work on it!

  9. Citizen Kaned


    i played the demo and it seemed to handle like crap. got myself GT5 now anyway.

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