back to article Sarah Palin calls for US to stand by North Korea

Sarah Palin has redefined US foreign policy and put YouTube under a little bit of strain by telling right wing radio host Glenn Beck that America must stand by its North Korean allies. Palin, sometime Alaska governor and current reality TV star, was responding to a question from Beck about how she would respond to a developing …


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  1. Danny 14


    She's still better than reagan and bush. And clinton for that matter.

    She'll do well as a puppet president.

    1. NB

      see icon

      that will be all.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      half right

      I suspect you would not have received as many downvotes had you left out the first sentence.

      However agree with you 2nd one - The NeoCons would cream their pants to get such a puppet president into power

    3. Tony Humphreys


      In a way isn't that what any politician should be. Politicians are not there to do their thing, they are there do do everybody elses thing.

      An intelligent President has been tried, and look how popular he is!

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Jobs Horns

      For a chick that is a complete idiot....

      She is quite hot.

  2. Annihilator

    Can't tell if it's deliberate

    Can't tell if she's genuinely an idiot, or if she's thinking "hey, it worked for Bush, I'll make similarly stoopid comments and see how I fare"?

    Either way, love the entertainment value!

    1. Shannon Jacobs

      Not that she doesn't know

      I'm sure it was just a slip. It isn't that she doesn't know. It's just that she doesn't care.

      However, I'm more concerned about the areas of her proud ignorance. For example, I actually think her parenting skills are NOT good and should be regarded as yet another metric of her lack of qualification for leadership.

      I understand that lots of Democrats are eager for her to get the nomination in 2012. Given how the nomination process can be dominated by small numbers of fanatics, I can even imagine that it's possible. However, I am not so sanguine that she would crash and burn in the election given the fact that Dubya, Nixon, and even Reagan were reelected AFTER it was quite clear how poorly qualified they were--and she's significantly less qualified than any of them.

      My ancestors came to America when it was the land of hope, opportunity, and freedom. I left America when it became the land of greed, selfishness, and proud ignorance--and Palin might well deserve to be crowned the queen of today's America.

    2. Big-nosed Pengie

      This is not a title

      She's genuinely an idiot.

  3. Andrew Moore


    It's looks like Kim Ill won't me "ronery" much longer...

  4. s. pam Silver badge

    The Brain Surgeon is in the room

    and finding nothing, still.

  5. Anonymous Coward


    Guys - the President of the USA is a very powerful position. You've got to understand, even more than Bush, Palin has the right credentials and she's proving it - *detail* is for the little people.

    As long as it's just a red button to launch missles, and Palin doesn't have to set the longitude and latitude, she'lll be fine in the job.

    She *will* get elected. The Tea Party and GOP (Grand Old Party - Republicans) have great lobbying skills and Obama has obviously failed because the US has not hit the peaks of prosperity of a half a decade ago.

    1. SuperNintendoChalmers

      Please don't feed the troll

      Please don't feed the troll

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        I read that as sarcasm, surely no-one could be that dim to troll like that?

    2. Disco-Legend-Zeke

      Yes, But After...

      ...being president for a year or two, she will find the job just as boring as that Alaska Governor gig and quit.

    3. Paul Berry

      Democrats are too nice!

      The Republicans are simply better liars, whereas the Democrats are more conscientious, so they try to avoid lying. When you're out for votes, the shameless tend to win.

      At least that's what watching 3 weeks of late-night US talk shows seems to show.


      The Big Red Button should have STOP in white on it

      and to think this dim-witted bimbo could have been im scared....that she can see Russia from her back yard.

      Then again, Clinton actually lost the code for a few months, I'd rather that then backyard nuking.

    5. blackworx

      I see what you did there

      Oh yes I did!

    6. The BigYin

      @AC - Fusspots

      "Obama has obviously failed because the US has not hit the peaks of prosperity of a half a decade ago." know there is a world-wide recession, yeah?

      You know that lax financial regulation (over decades, and amongst other things) caused it, yeah?

      So the question isn't if the USA is as prosperous as it was a decade a go, it's "Is the USA in less shit that everyone else?" And I'd say "Yes, yes it is" Could someone else have done better? Maybe. Could someone else have done worse? Oh yes indeedy. And one such person who could lead you to disaster would be this dizzy moo.

      1. Shakje


        Good catch

      2. Anonymous Coward


        Ever heard of it?

      3. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        RE: know there is a world-wide recession, yeah?

        Actually, the far eastern markets are prospering.

        They call our "Worldwide Financial Crisis" the "North Atlantic Crisis" over there.

        Just so you know.

    7. Paul RND*1000

      I doubt it somehow

      I don't see her being electable to any important office once people beyond the Tea Party have any say. TP'ers aren't even close to being a majority of Americans, they just make enough noise and have enough support from certain corners of the media to sound like one.

      She could certainly win the GOP presidential nomination, unless enough moderate Republicans show up in the primaries and put the stoppers on it. After that, she's screwed unless Obama goes out of his way to cock up his next 2 years in office. Maybe if he accidentally nukes Des Moines, or something, she might have a chance.

      With presidential candidate Palin the moderate Repubs will recoil in horror. They won't vote for Obama, but there's a half-decent chance they won't vote for Palin either. More importantly, the independents who actually decide the elections will run hard in the opposite direction and Dems will hopefully get up off their complacent arses and make sure to cast votes that aren't for her.

      She might be the only candidate who *doesn't* have a reasonable chance of beating Obama if things stand as they are.

      1. Shannon Jacobs

        I think you're underestimating the sickness of democracy in America

        Remember that the largest voting block is NOT the Demcrats and NOT the Republicans. It isn't even the independents. The largest voting block is the block that does not vote at all.

        Unfortunately, the non-voters are the rational ones as things have developed in America. Either their votes have been precounted and negated by gerrymandering, or their votes will be canceled by essentially mindless sheeple who vote the same way they decide on soap, based on the last ad they saw on the telly. Given that situation and her small but noisy and even intimidating base of fanatics, Palin or someone even worse could well become President. (Actually, upon reflection, I'm thinking she might be better qualified than Dubya. Talk about setting the bar low...)

        The current status of democracy in America is defending against "Checkmate in 3." The only line of play that would delay it that long is campaign finance reform during this lame duck session. Then we could call it the retiring statesmen session. Ha ha.

        For my next joke, did you hear the one about term limits?

    8. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      I posted it. It was scarcasm - how on earth could anyone think any human being capable of forming sentences could really believe what's said in those 3 paragraphs ? - the Red button and longitude and latitude should have been giveaways... Unintentional trolling. Sorry.

  6. Christoph

    Got to remember these things

    It's Eurasia were allied with and Eastasia we're fighting. Or was it the other way round?

    1. genome

      re: Got to remember these things

      We are at war with Eurasia. We have always been at war with Eurasia.

      1. Locky


        Jimmy Summerville has a lot to answer for

  7. James O'Shea

    Sarah the pit bull

    George W, will not the sharpest crayon in the box, wasn't nearly as stupid as he pretended to be.

    Sarah isn't nearly as bright as she appears to be. And she appears to be about as bright as a brick.

    We're doomed.

    1. Annihilator

      To quote Brosnan vs Cleese in Die Another Day

      "You're a lot smarter than you look"

      "Well it's better than looking smarter than you are"

    2. Lindsay 1

      A mis-wrote'er complains?

      I just assumed she mis-spoke; same as you mis-wrote (will? while). Either that or her teleprompter wasn't working? Oh wait, she's not the one!

      1. Tom 35

        her teleprompter wasn't working?

        She was looking at the wrong hand and couldn't find her cheat notes.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The psychology behind this

    I think what we're seeing is a mind in which 'the south' is automatically assumed to be the enemy. It sounds to me like Palin is secretly not very fond of half of her own country, let alone foreigners.

    And the US doesn't get much more northern than Alaska.

    Quite a Freudian slip, methinks.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    Ideal Candidate

    Obviously she is the ideal Presidential candidate; the psychos in the Pentagon will have no trouble getting what they want, just like with George W.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Just how stupid is this woman?

    She wants to run for president yet doesn't even know which country is which in one of the most delicate standoffs in the world currently? Does she know ANY history at all?

    I know politicians these days arn't generally from the top IQ percentile but she is really scraping new depths of fuckwittedness. Surely there can't be that many inbred rednecks who'll vote for her?

    Please tell me there arn't.

    1. copsewood
      IT Angle

      know nothings

      You might be surprised. In a country that could host a 'know nothing' political movement it is difficult to be sure as the scale of the illiterate vote.

      1. jjbd


        To be fair - If I remember the facts, they were the 'know-nothings' because it started off a secret movement that its members denied knowledge of - and not because they were professing their general ignorance.

    2. Fred Tourette

      I Regret to Inform You...

      "Surely there can't be that many inbred rednecks who'll vote for her?

      "Please tell me there arn't."

      I regret to inform you that, while they may not all qualify as "inbred rednecks," we Americans do indeed have a large number of idiots that will never see this woman for the imbecile that she is. Unfortunately, a very clever and dangerous imbecile.

    3. Ivan Slavkov

      And that is exactly why she will win

      And that is exactly why she appeals to Joe Average sixpack who thinks that Bulgaria is somewhere in Texas. I really had that one, I am not joking. It was from a university student in the USA. OK, he got into uni on a positive discrimination boat, but he was a student in a mid-top-50 private uni in the USA none the less.

      She may not win the East Coast or California, but she will surely win everything in between.

      Just stay in a 10K people town somewhere between the rockies and Pittsburgh for a few months. You will understand what I mean.

    4. Anonymous Coward

      Just how stupid is this woman?

      She probably doesn't remember what little history she learned in high school and college. Yes, she is a college graduate... her degree is in journalism, but it took attending three or four different colleges in different parts of the country before she finally completed the degree requirements... Don't know if she just quit the first couple of them because she got bored, like she quit as governor of Alaska, or washed out and had to find a college with lower requirements.

      Failin' Palin is a joke... who unfortunately might be the next Republican candidate for President, even though she's not suited to be dog-catcher. You can't just shoot those loose dogs from a helicopter.

  11. The BigYin

    I see I was right


    Americans! Do yourselves (and the world) a favour, do not vote for this chump. Vote for anyone else. Hell, change the constitution and allow Schwarzenegger to be prez. He may be a Republican, but he's probably one of the most democratic leaders in your country!

    At least he knows how to read a blasted map and that the world does not end at American borders.

    1. Steve the Cynic

      @I see I was right

      "allow Schwarzenegger to be prez"

      And _Demolition Man_ takes another step toward coming true...

      1. John G Imrie

        Demolition Man

        It's not a fantasy, it's a prediction!

      2. TeeCee Gold badge

        Simon Phoenix for President!

        A comment. It's required you know.

    2. ThomH

      Leave Nixon out of this

      He may have conspired to pervert the course of justice (and quite probably wasn't entirely mentally sound) but he ended the war in Vietnam and began normalisation of relations with China. It's unlikely that anybody even slightly more liberal would have been able to retain any sort of political power even just for visiting a communist country. Even pre-Republican wave Clinton gave him a decent eulogy.

  12. Scott 19
    IT Angle


    They should do what we do with these sorts of politicians and make them a Mayor of some city.

  13. Gav

    God Bless Palin

    Once again Sarah Palin demonstrates why she is universally loved by all purveyors of topical humour. Every time she opens her mouth she provides all the material required for a killer comedy sketch. The gems just cascade out of her in a never ending production line of quality feeds. She is the entire comedy industry's foil in a top-billing stand-up double act.

    1. TeeCee Gold badge


      You think you're so clever.

      Just remember the old saw about the big problem with political jokes......

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    You know you're in trouble

    When Glenn (cry baby) Beck is the intellectual of the team.

  15. This post has been deleted by its author

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Selling Of The Next Presidency... going splendidly; now only 24 months until Election Day 2012.

    She's now being funneled $12M/year for her blabbering on Murdoch's Fox News and "lectures" to business groups and a couple million dollars more for fake book sales with platitudes. Her daughter got to the finals for "Dancing With The Stars", so nice family propaganda & exposure there.

    Sassy Sarah, also, has her TLC "reality TV" show for a few million dollars more, to pump up more "tough & patriotic" faux-credentials that all "momma grizzlies" need to possess.

    Since only 45% of americans vote, she only has to convince 23% to push in the hanging chad on the ballot of her name...and if it's only 22% that can be fixed just as well by GOP operatives, as was done for Georgie Porgy in Florida in 2000, and Ohio in 2004.

    Jus like selling soap. (Edward Bernays is grinning in his grave.)

    Live Free or die.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The inevitable

    Palin's complete stupidity is almost certainly the reason she'll win. Like watching anyone make an idiot of themselves very, very publicly, it has a certain fascination value; you cringe, but you can't help yourself watching out of morbid curiosity, which will generate her a lot of headlines, column inches and airtime her rivals won't get . Much of it may be utterly dreadful and even scary, but she's going to be so ubiquitous everyone will feel they know her, love or hate. This being the age of the amateur, a lot will vote for her because she's "just like us" - a sort of bizarre extension of reality TV in which you get to vicariously see yourself as President through the vehicle of someone identifiably as ignorant, prejudiced and shallow as you are.

    Then there'll be the more educated on the right, who'll vote for her because she comes out with the fantasy, lunatic stuff that appeals to the visceral instincts, but which people know in their hearts is a bad, bad idea - things the McCains of the world are too adult and responsible to say.

    She'll get plenty of big money backing, because the money will recognise that she'll be thoroughly pliant to their cause with little thought to the consequences - an empty vessel waiting to be filled and that will buy her even more media time.

    The Democrats hate her, but they'll talk about her endlessly and the constant derision and negativity will push any fence sitters to the right out of sheer spite - my enemy's enemy etc.

    US elections are no longer about policy, reality or common sense - if they ever were. Americans just cannot live with the reality that their star is waning and the New American will turn out to be no such thing. Palin offers a fantasy vision of an America restored to greatness in terms that are a closer match for 19th century frontier rhetoric that 21st century pragmatism, and people will bite because it will make them feel better about their declining nation, if only till the day after the count is done.

    Ultimately she will win because she is folksy, venal and vacuous - not in spite of those qualities.

    1. Anonymous John

      I'm nit so sure.

      The US has a black President who I doubt would be re-elected in a two horse race. Is it ready to follow up with a woman POTA? Especially if voting for one increases Obama's chances.

      1. thecakeis(not)alie

        @Anonymous John


        You honestly believe that race or gender matter to folks chosing the POTS anymore? I thought you people were past that...

  18. John I'm only dancing


    She has just discovered she has more chance of becoming Pres in North Korea that the good ole US of States and was making a play for Kim Jung Il vote.

  19. Tony S

    Just remember

    "America is the best half-educated country in the world"

    Nicholas Murray Butler.

    1. Jimbo 6

      And don't forget...

      (Re: the U.S. victory in Gulf War #1)

      "A stirring victory for the forces of aggression."

      -Dan Quayle.

      And they DID elect him.

  20. Dave Murray

    Now take this candidate of mass destruction...

    and get the fuck out of here!

  21. markfiend


    Sarah Palin looks like I need a drink...

  22. Alex, Leeds
    Paris Hilton


    Are they really going to vote for that? They are aren't they! Oh no!

    Paris' brain > Palin's brain.

    1. Jakeson

      Paris's brain compared to who?

      You can spew this ignorance, but it does not fly in reality.

      You tried that with President Bush with those hateful leftist liberal wingnut claims of his intelligence.

      YET, President Bush had higher grades at Yale than did the democrat candidate Kerry. Further, George Bush could and did fly supersonic delta 105 jet aircraft and all Kerry could manage was puddling around is a boat on water and managed to shoot himself in the a$$ with shrapnel from a grenade he was playing with.

      Sarah can and has done more than most of you, so, cut out the stupid talk and get a life when you are talking about your superiors.

      1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

        Re: Paris's brain compared to who?

        This is all solid gold.

      2. Ihre Papiere Bitte!!


        Jakeson 26/11/10 10:18: "cut out the stupid talk and get a life when you are talking about your superiors."

        But I'm talking about Palin here...

        "Sarah can and has done more than most of you"

        Define "more". I've done lots and lots of things that she hasn't done (like read a map), and she has definitely done lots of things I haven't (and wouldn't particularly want to - like opposing abortion in rape cases).

        How are you counting "more", then? I assume, from your reference to Mrs Palin as your "superior", that you're a Republican yank, and so I also assume then, that you're counting on your fingers. All thirteen of them.

        Kind Regards,

        A Canadian (who laughs himself silly every time the US Border Police make a statement about how they're going to stop the flow of BC Bud)

  23. james 68
    Paris Hilton


    Ok let me get this straight - - if the current US governments response to North Korean aggression, which is to send in carrier group of one carrier, 3 destroyers, a missile cruiser and at least one nuclear attack submarine (on top of the 28,000 US military forces already in South Korea) for some hardcore posturing weakly disguised as "training" is 'showing a lack of backbone' then what exactly is a proportional military response? Another long drawn out war that cannot be won and is nothing more than a sinkhole for money supplying her corporate cronies?

    Someone should staple her lips shut for 3 damn good reasons.

    1.. that mad tart will start a war that will end humanity with her lip flappin if given just 0.00001 percent of a chance

    2.. she would make a lot more sense if she simply said nothing....ever.

    3.. i would find it terribly amusing to see if such a well practiced mouth breather could work out that its possible to breathe using their nose before asphyxiation set in.

    Paris, cause she knows what a mouth is for, how to use it. not to mention that its impolite to speak when its full ;)

  24. Andy Kay
    Paris Hilton

    Obama Beach

    Gordon Brown, D-Day remembrance service, in front of the prez himself. They're all puppets*

    *can be substituted for the word muppets

  25. JaitcH

    A fine example of the American education system

    This woman, who shares features with the moose, typifies what is wrong with the American education - it doesn't work. Many Americans have little knowledge about their own country and even less about the world.

    Imagine if she ever achieved any office of consequence - she would be busy supporting the wrong people - hell she would be shipping arms to the Taliban.

    Everyone, except Palin, knows the bad guys are in North Korea and have been since before she was born.

    1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: A fine example of the American education system

      "Just because I don't *care* doesn't mean I don't *understand*."

      I think she's got some of the same problems as Bush - she can't be as stupid as she appears, it's more a combination of arrogance and indolence, as Bush exhibited. Too lazy to learn, too confident to care if she looks like an idiot.

      Not to rule out some dosage of actual stupidity. I doubt she's even as clever as Bush. But there's a large streak of proud anti-intellectualism in the US, which is why she'll always have support.

      1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

        Re: Re: A fine example of the American education system

        NB I don't think this particular gaffe is the result of not knowing - it looks more like the kind of verbal carelessness you can't really excuse. You've got to be more aware of what is coming out of your mouth if you're in politics. She's incredibly heedless about her presentation for a politician - it's almost as if all the energy for that goes into what she looks like (thanks for reinforcing that one for women, Palin - pretty and dumb is always the way forward). Unless! it's all DELIBERATE and CALCULATED. etc. (It's not. At least not entirely. I don't know. I weary of her.)

  26. Anonymous Coward

    @anon coward

    "Of the kind which says that BP isn't really British Petroleum"

    It isn't. Not any more. Which bit of Amoco was british exactly?

    Take your time.

    1. Steve Evans

      Re: @anon coward

      And it's owned by its shareholders, many of which are from... A Merry Car!

  27. Robinson
    Thumb Up


    You'd still bang her though, wouldn't you?

    1. Ihre Papiere Bitte!!

      Robinson - are you for real?

      "You'd still bang her though, wouldn't you?"

      You've gotta be kidding me, I'd sooner bang an actual grizzly bear than that.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Hell yes I would.

      From a helicopter with a .303 or larger

    3. Anonymous Coward

      "You'd still bang her though, wouldn't you?"


      But I'd feel so dirty afterward.

      But then I felt foreign policy discussions would have been so much more interesting as a knock down down drag em out mud fight between Condolleza Rice and Hilary Clinton.

      Anon for fairly obvious reasons.

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Paris Hilton

      re: so

      That's right, everyone dreams of banging Mrs Robinson.

      Paris for Robinson.

  28. Number6

    Remember Dan Quayle?

    She's a bit like Quayle but better looking. Obviously a natural at the foot-in-mouth thing, can change feet without missing a beat.

  29. Pogue999

    smarter than you

    Ooh, someone who speaks in public alot made a speech error, ooooh. She is ssoooooooo stupid. Just as stupid as Obama when he referred to the navy as "Corpse Men". What a moron huh?(He is Commander in Chief" after all) Meh, he won''t finish the presidency either, what with him abandoning his 6 year senate seat after just 2 years. Hey, he had our kids future earnings to spend. That can be alot of fun you know. They are expected to make alot of money.

    Oh, what a losers we all are! Someone this dumb gets to be Governor of Alaska, and here we are at our lousy little jobs. Meh, there are alot of really important people operating tills, inputting data, putting memory in my laptop, moderating forums, and writing copy for websites. Actually, no there isn't.

  30. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    Is it true the Democrats are *praying* Palin gets the nomination to run for prez?

    Anticipating a Republican defeat that will leave them battered for a generation.

  31. NogginTheNog

    Did she know she was going to be interviewed?

    Listening to her: blathering vague rubbish similar to her answer to the "what papers do you read?" question during her time as the VP candidate, it's rather scary to think this might be the best she can do when put on the spot, or even that she may have been briefed beforehand.

    All of what she said was empty guff designed to tick boxes with supporters but not actually mean anything. The North Korea cockup was just a part of the whole sorry mess!

    The other day on the news I heard something similar: a woman being asked for her opinion on the expected cut in the workforce of Greater Manchester Police: "I think they should get rid of all the backroom staff and let the police get on with their jobs"...

  32. davenewman

    Sell Alaska back to the Russians

    so solving the USA's economic problems.

    Give them a discount if they take Sarah Palin.

  33. Steve Evans


    Nobody let her near anything sharp (or a big red button), she's priceless as entertainment, but please, don't ever put her anywhere she can hurt herself or anyone else...

    Maybe something like "The Truman Show" would be perfect for her.

  34. Ball boy Silver badge

    Does she know where Korea is?

    It's amaze me if she did. Last I heard, she wasn't *entirely* sure how to tell her a** from her elbow; two things that are both within easy reach - and she's had 40-odd years to practice finding 'em.

    Korea? That's not even on the same continent!

  35. Martin Huizing

    Martin Huizing for President!

    ...not of America, of course, but of -soon to be waste-land- formally known as North Korea.

    I predict their nuclear bomb won't make the 10m mark.

    Anybody remember why Japan went to war? Warcry for help.

    God help us all.

  36. Johan Bastiaansen


    Sounds like an honest slip of the tongue to me. Could have happened to anybody.

    If we’re going to make fun of her for being stupid, I’m sure she’ll give us plenty of opportunity.

    I saw a few quotes of her being stupid on Flemish television. "I can see Russia from my house'". Everybody had a good laugh, but it was really Tina Fey...

  37. Johan Bastiaansen
    Thumb Up

    good for her though

    for clubbing a fish.

    Are these the same people that shrugged when the pictures of abu ghraib surfaced?

  38. heyrick Silver badge

    I just have to say....

    (no, I'm not in love with Palin, yuck!)

    But I really, really, thought the little picture on the five-hot-topics on the main page was great.

    That's all.

  39. CmdrX3

    Oh dear

    I don't know who is the biggest nutjob. Palin, Beck or the people that believe their shit..... or as Beck would say, I'm not calling anyone a nutjob here, but...I'm just saying.

  40. J 3
    Paris Hilton


    While I like to proclaim Palin's stupidity to the world just like the next man, I wouldn't consider this one too bad... Of course, someone speaking in public should be more careful, but such slips happen even to the best, so I'd be prepared to give the benefit of the doubt here. And I guess that she was even relaxed, since all she could expect from the "interviewer" was softballs anyway... Who knows.

    But yeah, she's stupid.

  41. Jakeson

    Beware of your own ignorance

    While you bash Palin, you ignore the trash mouth of Biden and the ignorance, incompetence and lies of Obama.

    How many of you had a conniption fit over Obama announcing to the press corp on air force 1 when he said "we are stopping in Venezuela to see Chavez. YOU DIDN'T? You must be a student of Saul Alinski and a brain full of hate for what is good, kind, and durable.

    Have fun liberals with your mouth full of soap and see how that fits in your craw.

    Palin is a natural common sense AMERICAN woman and not one of those elitist females like Hillary or Barbara bush.

    Barbara Bush needs to realize she just lost more than a million votes for Jeb Bush in 2016 with that ignorant comment she made through her catty remark.

  42. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    2012 approaches

    Time to move to Tasmania and start digging a bomb shelter.

    Or maybe just wait patiently On The Beach.

  43. David 141
    Paris Hilton

    Sarah Palin could be the USAs first...

    Sarah Palin could be the USAs first Celebutard president. It's hard to see how she can lose.

    But personally, I'd rather vote for Paris.

  44. alien anthropologist


    Any idea why so many of us dislike the tea-bagging-for-Jesus-flag-waving-common-sense-AMERICAN-patriots?

    Look in the mirror mate. That's the America that scares us. Ignorance. Hatred of what you do not understand. Distrust of what you (purposefully?) do not comprehend. The inclination to believe whatever the hell you want to believe, regardless of the facts.

    To quote your own leader:

    "If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." -- Thomas Jefferson

    The real danger to world democracy is not the Taliban. Or Iran. Or North Korea. We have met the enemy. It is you.

  45. John 173

    May be a slip...

    ... but Palin has said before she doesn't really know the difference between North and South Korea. The really sad thing is, this won't hurt her at all in an American election, may even help her a bit.

  46. Anonymous Coward

    WARNING : Contain lame pun

    This Sarah is really a Palin(g).

    More ashamed than anonymous coward actually

  47. Lars Silver badge

    This is frightening

    This is frightening, I do not think anything as uneducated as Palin has ever occurred as a possible president in any western country during recorded history.

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