back to article Dell Duo to debut in December

There's no word on UK pricing yet, but Dell's Inspiron Duo - the PC giant's netbook-to-tablet convertible - will go on sale here on 2 December. Inspiron Duo Dell formally launched the machine last night following the netbook's debut on Microsoft's online store. The Duo's US price, Dell said, is $550. That's minus sales tax …


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  1. Avatar of They
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    Competing against who?

    But the question is can windows 7 really do touch screen? and is there going to be a replacement to an APP store?

    Me thinks the answer to both is No

    So what is this for? What are they trying to sell this as?

    1. ThomH

      One question that we do know the answer to

      "Can a 1.5Ghz Atom run Windows 7 acceptably?"

    2. johnnytruant

      who cares?

      just install Android or Ubuntu on it.

      It's nice hardware, shame to waste it running Windows.

      If I hadn't just bought a new mini laptop, I'd seriously consider one of these.

      Mine's the one with the linux CDs in the pocket.

  2. Jack Garnham
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    I'll buy one...

    for home use.

    Been considering something to replace the home desktop for a while and this seems ideal as I was previously considering an Anrdoid tablet but seriously doubted I could do without a keyboard 100%.

    Both the Mrs and I have work laptops so business stuff isn't an issue but for the sake of our sanity I think we would both like to keep work and home seperate!

    I would be very pleased to see an SSD option rather than spinning media and would be even more impressed if further down the line there was some community work to get Android and Win7 Dual booting on the thing.

  3. lokanadam
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    new form factors

    pc+tablet form factors: compare acer courier
    with dell duo

  4. Cameron Colley

    Surely $550 converts to £550 (or near as damn-it)?

    At least that seems to be the way if goes for products I've looked at.

    @Jack Garnham: Why Android? Any consumer-friendly distro with multitouch (which I suppose could be the problem) would do, surely?

  5. The BigYin


    Are you mad? The list price will be £550. In the world or consumer products, US$1 = £1; regardless of what the actual exchange rate may be.

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