back to article Casualty of Web 2.0: Directgov CEO job in doubt

The government’s plan to bring management of its online services under the roof of the Cabinet Office has left the future of the Directgov CEO job, which was surprisingly vacated by Jayne Nickalls just last week, in doubt. A Cabinet Office spokesman told The Register this afternoon that once the government has a new “executive …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Nos problemos

    This, under a new-ish UK government, is the settling in stage. It is Stage 1.

    In Stage 1 one allows newly elected members forming new government to say what it will, and publish what it will.

    Stage 2 is the: not on your nelly mate! stage typified by the Lord's rejection of permitting Ministers to decide what Quangos stay and what ones go.

    Stage 3 is the: don't worry they won't be there for too long stage?

  2. Richard Porter

    “executive director for digital and information”

    How can you have a conjunction joining an adjective to a noun?

    Anyway it sounds like a 'jobs for the boys' job to me.

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