back to article Acer takes on iPad with Android, Flash, own UI

Acer has taken the wraps off a family of Android tablets running from a 4.8-incher through to a 10.1in model. And there's a Windows 7 model coming too. All due in April 2011 - Acer is awaiting the next major Android release, Honeycomb, presumably - they'll actually sporty an Acer-made UI rather than the Android standard. The …


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  1. Giles Jones Gold badge

    More vaporware

    A whole five months to wait until this one arrives. There will be another iPad out by then.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      ...I doubt Apple will put a 1280x800 screen in their next revision. They have enough shortcomings to address aside from the display resolution.

    2. Tempest

      @ More vaporware

      You are right - vapourware from Acer and yet more vapourware from Apple.

      And your point was?

  2. M1

    10 inch looking good ...

    ... lots of boxes checked. But is that a front facing webcam on the image or just a sensor. Former - might be the one for me - latter - fail.

  3. David Gosnell

    1280 x 800

    Hooray! Small these panels may be, but could this be the start of an aspect-ratio sanity backlash that will benefit the whole portable arena? Jolly well hope so; at some point I will want to buy a new laptop, not a DVD player with a keyboard.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    That Win7 Tablet

    ...actually looks kinda cool. I like the approach... make a portable dock/laptop-keyboard. I've always found the whole idea of Win7 tablets completely ridiculous up until now.

    I'm curious what AMD chips they're talking... could it be one of the new Bobcat fusion chips (Zacate?)?

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

  5. Robert E A Harvey

    Me Miss!

    I'll have them! I want the big one AND the phone one.

  6. Arctic fox
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    Sounds interesting whether wer're talking.....

    ...............Android or Win 7 - though that depends on whether or not Acer has done/can do something to improve Win 7 at UI level in the context of touch screens - although if its coming with a slide-out (?) physical keyboard Acer may be coppering their bets! Great that they have WiFi. I suspect that for those for whom the touch screen is alpha and omega of such a choice then the 10" with Honeycomb should be a real winner. One question - USB? Oh and of course, how soon will we find out how much!

    1. D@v3

      win7 touch screen

      I have been using win7 on a Dell tablet/laptop hybrid (Lattitude XT) (one of the old swivel screen jobs) for a while. I have found the the touch screen pretty easy to use, with or without the stylus.

      Does (a certain degree of) multi touch, also has a 3G sim card installed.

  7. DrXym

    What is the point of a rear camera in these devices?

    Do they seriously think many people are going to be walking around holding up a 10" tablet trying to take pictures of things?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      As William Gibson said, "the street finds its own uses for things"

      don't presume that the rest of the world suffers from your own lack of imagination

      1. DrXym

        The rest of the world would think likewise

        My "lack of imagination" has nothing to do with it. Putting a camera on the back of a large tablet is stupid by any measure. It's usefulness is marginal at best.

  8. Anonymous Coward
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    Was going to buy the Exopc or the Zoostorm SL8, wondering I should wait now as the Acer units look very stylish.

  9. Far Canals

    I have played with one and....

    The 10-incher. It was very nice, even for an engineering sample.

    @M1 - yes there is a front faing camera (and a rear-facing one)

    @Arctic Fox et al - the 10 was definitely Android.

    The AMD chips that I heard bandied about were the Nvidia Tigra (from memory).

    The whole thing was very well built and the screen was up there with the iPad. It's looking very compelling, especially with the front facing camera and true multitasking.

    The Acer man did say (and I did not see this item) that the docking station it can sit in will project a keyboard on to a flat surface. That will be very cool if it is true.

    I like the iPad but this was more like what the pad should have been from day 1.

    1. Arctic fox

      @Far Canals

      I re-read my opening line and can see that is was ambiguous. What I meant was that for the 10" it would for me be an interesting choice between Android (as my phone is) and Win 7 (as our home systems are) dependent upon to what degree the touch screen on the Win 7 version was reasonable and whether the presence of a physical keyboard was a genuine plus contra the version equipped with the very latest Android. I am definitely going to have to have a good look at both - first time that I have been really interested in a "fondle slab"! Does it have USB ports and SSD expansion BTW?


    2. brym

      AMD and Nvidia...

      ...are two separate firms. AMD punts ATI chips while Nvidia produces Tegra.

      I'd like to see a netbook / tablet featuring a chip combo of an AMD Phenom II triple core mobile CPU with an Nvidia Ion GPU.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    cameras reversed ?

    So the front-facing camera is only 2Mp while the user one is 8Mp ? That sounds like the wrong way around - surely you'd want the front-facing camera to be the highest resolution for taking pictures, while the lower res. one would be facing back towards the user. Perhaps they messed up the press-release?

  11. thecakeis(not)alie


    ACER make the first tablet with a decent res?


    I hear horsemen...

  12. P. Lee

    Please don't mess it up

    By not bothering to write some really good basic apps.

    Your browser, email and video apps need to be top notch, not just something you found on the net.

  13. JaitcH

    Acer: The big question remains support and honouring warranty!

    With near custom devices as pads are, very important factors will be hardware support and honouring the warranty.

    Acer's historical record hasn't been, in my experience, exactly valiant in these respects. For example, when a rubber foot fell off one of their better computers, the purchase of a case was required to effect repairs. Real wastage of material and money.

  14. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse
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    @ AC "As William Gibson said..."

    Nothing to add to your post other than when I read it I immediately thought that it should have been spoken in a very deep voice and finished off with the word ".... Admiral."

  15. Anonymous Coward
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    It's got all the basic specs I've been looking for

    All I want is a tablet to read my Marvel Digital Comic sub on. 10" screen, 1280x800 res and Flash 10 support...

    Is there anything else out that has that combination? With any luck, by the time these are release there will be a few more tablets with these capabilities to choose from. If not, I'll be getting one of these...

  16. John King 1

    Still not taken yet.

    I'm thinking of buying a device like this soon but I just haven't seen the killer model yet. The tech I'm really waiting for is a fold-up screen.

    I want a fold-up gadget almost twice the size of a Nintendo DS with a similar hard shell that can be used as a phone. But once opended you see a full screen with some kind of no-join tech for e-reading, web browsing etc.. hopefully running Android.

    Give me that and I'll part with my hard-earned but until then it's all just gadget porn to me.

  17. druck Silver badge

    Re: What is the point of a rear camera in these devices?

    It's for an app which displays the ground as you walk and use the tablet, preventing you from tripping over stuff.

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