back to article Samsung net tellies get new movie marketplace

Samsung has joined the Acetrax party, adding the on-demand video supplier to its Internet@TV platform. The Acetrax Movies app will be available on Samsung connected televisions throughout Europe from today. Acetrax Acetrax not only offers movie rentals, but purchasing too. There’s no subscription either, just set up an …


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  1. jolly

    Trailers in a teeny tiny window

    I tried this last night, mainly to see what the quality was like (and whether it's worth paying for). Unfortunately the trailers appear in a small window in the centre of the screen. No option to make it full screen. So it looks like I have to pay to see whether the quality is up to scratch (bah). That is, of course, assuming that if you pay you get to watch the film in fullscreen (who knows!?!).

    On the plus side the video didn't freeze (2.5mps connection) and the audio was excellent.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    also does downloads if you buy the film, but as far as I can tell from their website it's locked into Silverlight.

    Lovefilm is very good in my experience, runs with Flash so in theory you could stream movies to your phone too (not iPhone and iPad though!). Just a shame I can't pay per view through the TV, I have to use the laptop for that but it's a 10-incher, I'd rather watch my films on 42-inch! Sort it out Lovefilm, or make it more obvious if it is available because I can't find it!

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