back to article Google could drop Groupon into shopping basket

E-commerce coupon website Groupon Inc is reportedly mulling a takeover from Google. The Chicago-based company has been in talks about a possible acquisition, according to a Bloomberg report that cited two anonymous sources with “knowledge of the matter.” All Things Digital also reported on Friday that Google might snap up …


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  1. eryn

    Rip of the century

    lol, $5bn! isn't that more than Youtube? the rip of the century...

    can i have whatever GroupOn are smoking please, maybe then i might hav a need for all that teeth whitening spam in my inbox everyday :P

  2. Chris Pearson


    How do they get $3-5bn? Is that calculated on $x per user?

    There is no way in hell that that site can make that back any time soon.

    1. TeeCee Gold badge

      Re: Valuation?

      Put it this way. If you owned something you thought was a bit clever and Google offered you $5bn for it, would you:

      a) Say: "Look, it's not worth that much, how about 50 quid?"

      b) Order a new yacht and a Learjet.

  3. Ian Michael Gumby


    First, $5Bil for the company is pure hype.

    Second. Such a deal would have to pass scrutiny because Google is a monopoly in the internet space. Err correction. They would be a monopoly in the internet space if they ever went to courts and a judge ruled them a monopoly.

    Third... the reality of Groupon is that it works as a way to attract bargain hunters, but from those companies that have tried Groupon, something like 40% said that they would do it again. Restaurants got people in, broke even (at best) on the meals, but the servers complained in that they got stiffed on the tips.

    Fourth, low barrier to entry. Other sites can do the same thing.

    I would gladly watch Google blow 5Billion on Groupon. It would add wind to Chicago while deflating the Silicon Valley ego.

  4. Xander


    This seems more than a little self defeating of Google, I see Groupon adverts all the time on Ad Words :/

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