back to article Dell bespoke iron forge punts 'cloud' kits

Dell doesn't believe in The Big Switch. Company man Andy Rhodes denies the notion that the entire world will move its IT infrastructure onto so-called cloud computing services along the lines of Amazon's EC2. As you might expect. But Dell does believe in cloud computing. Rhodes and company just announced the general …


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  1. Fred Dibnah
    Thumb Down

    "bespoke iron forge" ??

    For goodness sake - these are boxes of electronics, not bridge girders.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    a kick in the balls for Larry...

    ...since Joyent were previously very keen on Solaris. Perhaps the recent price hike was far too much to stomach.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Could still be Solaris...

      Just because it's Dell hardware doesn't mean it's not Solaris - remember Solaris x86?

      But given it's Dell, they wouldn't have the know-how to run a DC based on a real OS.

  3. solaries

    dell data storage problems

    I hope that Dell fix it problem with it data storage as I am a user of it's studio 1735 laptop and like the excellent service and help to it's consumers.

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