back to article Chinese retailers sell Apple-only white iPhone 4s

Chinese resellers are offering locals the near-mythological white iPhone 4, and it seems they are the genuine article. According to website Giz-China, punters can pay between Yuan 5500 and 8000 (£518-753) for the 16GB version and clearly a whole lot more for the 32GB model. China's white iPhone Source: Giz-China The site …


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  1. RichyS


    ... does the button match the face (or collar match the cuffs, if you will)?

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  3. Anonymous Coward

    I know it's friday but...

    does anyone really give a sh*t about a phone that's the same as another phone but a different colour?

    1. Antidisestablishmentarianist

      You're right

      Nobody would take such an interest in an android phone for example

  4. Jelliphiish

    obvious pun

    apple are touting china white? WILL NO-ONE THINK OF THE BANKERS?

  5. FanMan

    Speaking as a fanperson

    My first action on eventually upgrading (which will be a while, I'm perfectly happy with the 3GS) will be to slip the new phone into a black Mophie Air.

    So the colour doesn't matter. Grubby Sweaty White is a horrible colour for a phone anyway.

    So why dont you report all this to someone who gives a sh8t.

  6. A handle is required
    Jobs Horns

    So what?

    Who cares? And besides, how do we know that they didn't delay these things just so that they would get media attention?

  7. Stuart Halliday

    White Balance

    Gee, guys. Haven't you lot never heard of applying a white balance tweak to your images so the image at least tries to look 'white'?

    This is suppose to be a IT- aware web site after all....

    1. Robert Simpson
      Thumb Down

      "white balance tweak"

      What does IT have to do with photograph manipulation? Besides the obvious fact that the task is done on a computer, we can't expect everybody who's ever touched one to know what they're doing with Photoshop.

  8. A 31
    Dead Vulture

    come on...

    Sorry reg, but does anyone in your office ever step back a bit, here is an article about a telephone that is white made in china ... there is no tech, the news has got zero impact on tech, there is no hardware, there is no news ...

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Do people REALLY think the factories stop?

    Its gone on for years... Many of those 'dodgy' illegal fakes?

    They come off the same production line as the real ones.

    "Hello, I'm a major international buyer, will your factory make us 20,000 of these a day?"

    "We can make 30,000 a day Sir!!!"

    "Well we only want 20,000 so make sure you stop at 5o'clock"

    "Errr.. Yeah ofcourse, right"

    Even worse when you throw in the QA step, minor flaws?..They'll go into the 'wrong' bin occasionally, one of the problems of outsourcing.

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