back to article Violin uses Gear6 tech to make super-fast arrays

Violin Memory is using acquired Gear6 NFS caching technology to turn its flash arrays into super-fast access NAS heads. Violin makes flash arrays, such as the 3200 product, which hold 500GB to 10TB of data in solid state flash memory. A rack full of these 3U boxes scales can hold more than 140TB and does two million IOPS. This …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Expensive solution - This should be done at the drive level

    The major drive mfgs can place 4/8/16 Gig flash units on individual drives. These can act as read/write buffers with automatic data recovery after a power failure (if any). 16Gig should be more than enough to take care of background (lazy) writes and speed up overall performance at the individual drive level. An array of these drives can then be setup without the need for another front end box.

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