back to article Verizon revives Microsoft's unhappy hipster phone

Microsoft's KIN phones are back from hipster hell, with Verizon pushing the unwanted phones in the run-up to Christmas. America's largest wireless carrier is again selling the KIN ONE and KIN TWO, now disguised as the KIN ONEm and the KIN TWOm, and without a data plan. Cnet reports that before the KIN ONE and KIN TWO were …


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  1. dogged
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    Oh, nice tactic

    Verizon pretty much killed that phone with its stupid pricing last time. Now they want a 2-year contract with no data plan?

    Shortest Lazarus-act in history.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Microsoft Kin

    GR8 WHERE DO I GET ONE? :P (No chance...)

  3. Giles Jones Gold badge


    This is the problem with Microsoft. Why have two mobile platforms?

    They're just confusing people, pushing inferior products to kids (who won't grow into life long customers if they have a lame phone).

    They should be concentrating on WP7.

  4. K. Adams


    George Romero would be proud...

  5. Anonymous Coward
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    'KIN hell

    That is all

  6. Arbuthnot Darjeeling

    great name

    I can just imagine the marketing spiel:

    *Not as heavy as a TWOm stone

    * go far, kin phone

  7. fishman

    Dumping them

    Looks like this is a way to dump the unsold inventory.

  8. ratfox Silver badge
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    Good luck to them

    Maybe they just could not get Microsoft to accept them, so it's that or the garbage dump...

    I wouldn't want to be the salesman in charge of selling that. It really looks like a moving yard sale, and yet the price are not that attractive...

  9. Heff
    IT Angle

    Ok, I'll bite.

    ...this is newsworthy because.... ?

  10. Cliff

    'kin phone...

    Microsoft, sometimes you don't help yourselves you know...

    "Anyone seen my 'kin phone?", etc.

    And this from the company who brought us "Onecare", too. Do you guys never learn?

  11. Daniel 1

    Microsoft need to pull this dog off the market

    The story is already told: Kin Was a dog.

    There comes a point, in any product's life, where no amount of spin will rewind the tape. The story becomes the truth, so bury the story before it becomes a wider truth.

    The market story, is that this thing is a dog, and Microsoft would do well to ensure that the Kin becomes another Bob (a non-product, that techies like to taunt each other over, but, about which, the rest of the non-techie world is largely oblivious).

    Reviving it can only do Microsoft harm, because it will only revive memories of the first failure. I'm no fan of Microsoft (because I think it is a brutalising and macho environment, in which no good can prosper) but even I wince at the mess they are making of their left foot, with this-here rifle. Put the gun down, Microsoft: you're only hitting yourself, now.

  12. Alastair 7

    I'm not sure you know what a hipster is

    Because if this was the phone to take over from the Sidekick etc., then it's aimed at teens, not PBR-swilling twenty-somethings.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    renamed it wrong...

    should have been F 'kin noway.

  14. bugalugs


    a warehouse full of the things awaits the bargain barrels of the world.

  15. TeeCee Gold badge

    "KIN TWOm"

    Is it just me or is that pronounced "Tomb"?

    They're going to have a hard time convincing anyone it's not dead with that name.

  16. JDX Gold badge


    Is the implication MS didn't kill the phone, but the phone companies? I never saw one, has anyone else?

    It doesn't sound that cheap to me, especially since even MS didn't appear to like it first time round. Why not flog them on eBay....

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not this one..,

    I'll wait for the KIN L

  18. John 62

    christmas, sorry holiday offer?

    I wonder if parents will still buy them at $50 if there's a 2 year contract (and presumably nasty overages on data for all that photo sharing) when the kids will want a new phone after 6 months.

  19. Bilgepipe
    Gates Horns


    "Microsoft KIN...... Oh go on, please..."

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