back to article Mozilla millions still 86% Google cash

Google still provides 86 per cent of Mozilla's revenue, according to the open source outfit's latest financial statement. On Thursday, Mozilla released its audited financial statement for 2009, and as in previous years, an unnamed search company is listed under "concentrations of risk." In 2008, Google accounted for 91 per …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns



    My browser has bogged into 100% CPU cycle hogging again..........

    Another trip to the user forums to try more worthless advice.... from the "mozilla community"....

    1. Stand on my head when rebooting the PC.

    2. Delete the OS.

    3. Change my screen resolution.

    4. Eat a high fiber diet.

    5. Upgrade from version 3.11 to 3.11.

    6. Try drinking coffee before your cup of tea...

    7. try drinking tea before your cup of coffee....

    Along with MORE useless and stupid shit..................

    Rather than simply admit all the programmers screwed up badly and NONE of the "whacky time wasting advice" in the forums will fix it.

    While it's also interesting, the Mozilla folks also say we want MORE community support, they never provide lessons in language and programming for Firefox, while stuffing the cash in their pockets and not yours.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      It Could Help

      A) Not to run Flash in FF

      B) stop being an MS shill

    2. Marky W


      Oh dear. Did mummy cut your toast into squares, not triangles this morning?

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Up

      I cried so hard when they were mean to me.

      I posted this in the firefox forums:

      It’s a crap browser – simple. I mean I like it more than Googles IDIOT minimalist set up – because I have landed on my head too many times and hate trying to guess at things I rarely use and are hidden; IE – that is just a bag of Microsoft forced vertical integration into everything else Microsoft, and Opera – that is a neandethal set up if ever there was one….

      But when you go do a search on “Firefox is shit” and see the amount of sites that come up – and then compare your own experiences and the “Glowing Terms” that the people of the Mozilla foundation speak – of security, speed, stability etc…

      Once you get past all the phases of the moon patch up jobs and bullshit – your going to come to the realisation that the core issue is that THIS browser it’s self, and the way that it is programmed; this is the core issue.

      All this crap about broken profiles, javascript, flash, phases of the moon, frying the wrong side of the egg, aural cleansing, compatability with add on’s etc., etc., etc.. and of course the operating system issues – well I run Linux and this pus bag browser still bogs down to the roof…..

      The only solution is to have a premeditated act of killing the damned thing off – set up and running in the background….

      In Linux it’s Alt-F2, and the command XKILL, then place the RUN button to the right side of the slightly minimalised browser window.

      I think the same thing can be set up for Windows, with Ctl + Alt + Del, and have “Kill Process” set up for Firefox, with only the “YES” left to click on before you shotgun this pus bag browser into oblivion.

      Of course you could always come back to these forums and resort to waving magic beads, incantations, phases of the moon, astrological charts and putting the fist of Mars into the House of Uranus….

      If you vote me up I will stop crying.

  2. Phil Rigby

    Title required

    Wonder what browser the IRS use...

    If Mozilla lose, expect all searches for the IRS performed in Firefox to re-direct to some tax-bashing pages.

  3. mt1


    Nothing more than the google search marketing arm

  4. James Woods

    well if everything else didn't suck

    People would use what was better.

    Unfortunately firefox is the best thing out there. Yeah it sucks up 300MB of ram to run web pages (and keeps it if you close all the tabs).

    Yeah it's posing as a non-profit yet it's non-profit setup would be the same as the NRA taking non-taxable 'donations' from gunmakers and calling it not-for-profit.

    Doesn't work, it's not suppose to work.

    Opera sucks, it's garbage and gets worse every release. I try it and want to like it over firefox but it's nothing but failure.

    Surely the IRS uses IE.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Sounds like you weren't using Opera

      As clearly if you had the correct Opera from there is no possible way that you could come to that conclusion. Opera is better than Firefox in every single way. They have even pandered to Firefox fanboys that wouldn't look at a browser than didn't have extensions by providing Extensions in Opera 11. (not that Opera really needs them, as all the good stuff is already built in).

      Either way, I wonder how many months before Google hit the Mozilla kill switch?

  5. Ivan Voras

    Where did that money go?

    Seriously, a company in which Google dumps nearly $100 million a year produced *what*? Firefox 3.6, a recently resurrected (and still not finished) Thunderbird 3.x and a couple of side projects which are not much better than academic exercises?

    From that statement it looks like more than $40 million was spent on "Software development". WTF? Where are the results?

    And if I'm reading it correctly, $115 million was "Purchases of investments" - again, WTF? Someone is playing Wall street broker in a supposedly charitable, open-source company?

    More: Mozilla apparently holds $1.8 million in "Furniture and office equipment" ???

    Am I missing something here? Why is all that considered normal?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    That should be, "Google still *chooses to provide* 86 per cent of Mozilla's revenue", in much the same way that a pimp may choose not to beat his 'ho on any given night while he's still in a good mood. Who knows what mood Google might be in on a night yet to come...

    I sense black eyes ahead for the poor little fox, which in its latter years took to sleeping homeless under bridges.

    I think Google are capable of being droogs with a taste for the old ultra-violence. In 10 years from now, people will start to reminisce about the good old days when Microsoft at least decent in their levering of the markets in order to fuel its monopoly. Oh, happy daze indeed...

  7. scub


    I actually had a nightmare about Thunderbird the other night. They had added something else I didnt want/thought sucked, and I couldnt work out how to make it back in something that looks like TB2. Even sposing I did check the forums and such, there were no answers.

    It was horrible man.

    Wonder how many programs come up with "security" updates that arent actually anything to do with security, not ours anyway..

    hmmm, times are changing, wonder what they are playing at.

    Heh, "weve made some updates that were very proud of"

    maybe google are using mozilla as a way to hide some cash, much in the same way a local goverment do? ( Round here anyway)

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