back to article Synology DiskStation DS411+ Nas box

From the outside, the Synology DiskStation DS411+ appears pretty much identical to the DS410n – a fairly heavy duty home and small business four-bay Nas box, reviewed recently. However, internally, the DS411+ is is quite a different beast, aimed at the small and medium business sector. Synology DS411+ For business and …


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  1. petur
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    trumps everything else

    Unless you put it next to a QNAP TS-459Pro+ which has a dual-core atom 1.8GHz :)

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    Not the fastest?

    According to this it is:,com_nas/Itemid,190

    And who says it's ugly? Looks quite nice to me...

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    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Fastest Maxed out?

      smallnetbuilder have introduced a new test rig so it will be interesting to see the new qnap ts459pro+ tests with its dual teamable gigabit connection.. Now the capacity is there to exceed the 120ishGB max. They just need to pull thier finger out and test it!

  3. Parax

    miles ahead of the curve

    Really? Damn I just bought a QNAP 459 Pro+ How gutted am I......

    clue: Not very!

    I do think that QNAP is miles ahead on the interface front no software installation required the whole lot is fully configurable from the web interface, lots of different services and the QPackage system is a real Win, its just like an App Store for the NAS, and they did it before crapple too!

    Even the energy consumption figures are better on the QNAP box! (35w/19w)

  4. Anonymous Coward

    I quite like the look of it... screams seriousness. And you really can't fault Synology's firmware. It absolutely rocks. I'd have one of these if I could justify it, but instead I've got a lowly DS107+... the great thing is the firmware is practically the same (barring a few features due to hardware restrictions)! I love it.

  5. Anonymous Hero
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    It looks quite nice to me, reminds me of Data Generals 'brown and gold' phase.

  6. nordwars

    @Parax minor correction

    Software installation isn't required, and the DSM3.0 (as well as previous recent versions) is fully available via a web browser (preferably, it is also available using an installable manager if you feeling like it). That's how I use it with my DS410j.

    1. Parax


      Thanks for the clarification, I dont like to install un-needed programs (can you tell I used windows a lot?) both for bloat and resurce usage. I am much happier using a webpage that any pc, netbook, mobile or phad in my house can use to tweak, fix or change config. Nothing more anoying than being in an alternate OS or VM and finding you cant tweak something easily.

      I also don't understand why anyone would want to waste resources on a pointless application/service. just like a lot of new mobile apps for example the bbc news App, why install an app when you can just add a shortcut to the bbc mobile website???

      maybe its just me...

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