back to article Oracle ships Solaris 11 Express

If you can't wait to get your hands on Solaris 11 when Oracle makes it available next year — like Oracle itself can't wait in its Exadata and Exalogic clustered systems — then you'll be happy to know that Oracle has started shipping Solaris 11 Express. The company may have let the OpenSolaris project die of neglect, but Oracle …


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  1. tim-e
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    I installed it yesterday in a VM - very smooth and painless installation. I would drop into a terminal and change the root password though, by default it is set to the same as what you make the first ordinary user you set up.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      TPM.....Oracle is an Fing lier


      I just found out that the M-Class systems on Oracle's SPARC roadmap are actually T boxes with CMT chips. SPARC64 VIII is dead and there is no upgrade or future for the chip.

      I tought it was strange that their chip roadmap chart is systems with sockets and unknown performance claims, but calling a future CMT based system M-class and killing the SPARC64 is pure deception.

      We just bought some M5000's for an old app and paid more than a year ago "because Oracle has raised prices" we are furious.

      Larry is the devil.

      1. Kebabbert


        are developing the ordinary SPARC64 cpus and will sell SPARC64 servers with an Oracle branding.

        SPARC64 is not dead, Fujitsu are doing it. Have you not heard about the "Venus" cpu from Fujitsu? Google it.

        1. Jesper Frimann

          Ok, Venus can be found in which Oracle server ?

          Just out of curiosity...

          // Jesper

          1. This post has been deleted by its author

            1. Jesper Frimann
              Big Brother

              Which will mean that ...

              If it's not decided if Venus will go in a server yet? Then there is at least half a year of testing and and and .. which will mean that the current Venus will be coming out at the same time as POWER7+.

              And seeing how a 8 CPU POWER 780 is faster than a a 64 CPU M9000 on every single benchmark where these two machines have made submissions. Then Venus has to be many many many times faster than SPARC64 VII, just to catch up.

              Not going to happen.. Sorry.

              // Jesper

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        you are wrong

        you were given incorrect info, or didn't listen closely enough...

  2. Mikel

    Not needed

    Hopefully all the people using Sun ware are busily migrating off, not deploying new versions. If not oracle will be sure they regret it.

  3. Dunstan Vavasour

    Why this verison is "Express"

    By badging this release as "Express", it allows Sun to continue changing the kernel API. Sun's approach has always been that once a production version of an OS ships, the kernel API will be unchanged for the life of that version, though new kernel API can be added (User API is, of course, covered by the Binary Compatibility Guarantee and effectively is unchanged forever).

    So Solaris 10 was released in early 2005 and is expected to be in support for well over a decade from FCS. When Solaris 11 is released, it will start its own very long supported lifetime, and at FCS the kernel API (used by, for example, third party drivers and EMC PowerPath) will be set. The purpose of the Solaris 11 Express release is to allow developers, end users, system integrators etc to use the OS with support, but without the guarantees of longevity which accompany non-Express releases.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    "...but Oracle has kept its word "

    That would be a first for Oracle.

    Remember this lie:

    “Oracle will continue to make OpenSolaris available as open source, and Oracle will continue to actively support and participate in the community,” Roberts said, according to an IRC transcription of the meeting. Roberts said at the time Oracle would “continue to deliver OpenSolaris releases, including the upcoming OpenSolaris 2010.03 release”.

    Monty was right:

    1. Kebabbert

      OpenSolaris dead? No.

      You are wrong.

      Previews of the Solaris 11 source code has been released several times as different distros from Sun. For instance, Solaris Express CE. Another distro was Solaris Express DE. Another distro was OpenSolaris. They all built on the same source code: Solaris 11. These distros are now all discontinued, and Solaris Express is resurrected again.

      OpenSolaris stopped at build 134. Solaris 11 Express is build 151a - the only apparent difference is the desktop picture. Solaris 11 Express and openSolaris is the same distro - but with different names.

      Let me ask you: how are preview distros of Solaris 11 dead? Do you mean they are not released any more? Wrong. There have always been previews of Solaris 11, under different names. Now one of the dead distros are resurrected, with a better name. As time for release of Solaris 11 draws near, Oracle wants to use a distro with "Solaris 11" in the name - "Solaris 11 Express" is better than "OpenSolaris".

      Open Source community distros are OpenIndiana (which continues from OpenSolaris build 147), Schillix, Nexenta, Milax, etc etc

      1. Jesper Frimann

        Ehh.. what did you miss ?

        I think this post pretty much cuts it out in cardboard:

        OpenSolaris in the form that is... well Open.. is dead.

        // Jesper

        1. Kebabbert

          @Jesper frimann

          Maybe you didnt read what I wrote?

          I can say it again, but using simpler words so you can understand this:

          1) The old Solaris Express distro was a preview of Solaris 11, and got killed off and rebranded as OpenSolaris.

          2) OpenSolaris distro was also a preview of Solaris 11, and got killed off and rebranded to "Oracle Solaris 11 Express"

          3) There have been many distro previews of Solaris 11, and they have never stopped coming.

          4) Ultimately, maybe the distro Solaris 11 Express will be rebranded to "Solaris 11".

          Did you understand now? There have been many different distros of Solaris 11. OpenSolaris being one of them, it was build 134 of Solaris 11 source code. Now, Solaris 11 Express is build 151a of the Solaris 11 source code. Nothing has changed between the two distros except the name and the license. They are not two different distros - they are the same, based on the same source.

          In short:

          OpenSolaris got rebranded back as Solaris Express, but now adding a "11" in to the name.

          All these "different distros" of Solaris 11 are the same, with different names.

          1. billse10

            OpenSolaris / Kebabbert

            and yet to use Solaris 11 Express, which from your post is simply a rebranded OpenSolaris, I have to buy a support contract, which was never the case for OpenSolaris. I -could- buy one, but I didn't -have- to. That's more than a rebrand: OpenSolaris is dead..

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