back to article British children gorge on Net diet

British children are spending too much time online and admit it - to researchers, if not to their parents. One in five confess to staying up too late, and missing dinners to hang out on the net. And more than half say they spend less time on family, friends or school work because of the internet. These are some of the …


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  1. toneh
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    TV for 70s/80s

    Isn't most of that just bad parenting? staying up late and missing dinners etc?

    Well, at least something has replaced the TV now :)

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    EU Kids Online

    EU Kids Online sounds like the sort of thing the IWF would block...

  3. Peter Bond
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    No shock

    Have you seen the obese, feral, ill-educated and loud-mouthed rabble that make up the under-18 population of the UK recently?

    1. Lottie
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      In fact, we have a load in the building right now. No worse than I was at that age and much more tech savvy.

      In fact, I suspect most children could school ther teachers in using ICT these days.

      While the kids spend "too long" online, they are doing it relatively safely and with knowledge of scams/ whatever superior to many of their parents.

      And being all daily mail for the moment, if they're all inside on the internets playing HOECS games, surely they can't be out mugging old ladies?

      1. Anonymous Coward


        "In fact, I suspect most children could school ther teachers in using ICT these days."

        Hmm I wouldn't say most. Kids might be competent at using a computer, but they don't all have fantastic IT skills.

        IT classes in school these days are not much more than how to use Office and a bit of Multimedia stuff. Especially in the case of Office skills, most kids could not teach their teachers this. Kids know how to piss about, play games, use social networking etc competently but almost certainly most cannot do much more.

        And it is about time we dropped the C from IT in education, it drives me up the fucking wall!

    2. Anonymous Coward


      ...and from a four decade perspective they are doing better than previous generations, after all, growing up in an environment where adults are actively and near universally hostile to your existence helps to highlight the pervs and scammers that "just want to be your friend/419'er".

      That said, I'm deeply worried about the long term effects of persistently exposing young children to the various Cowell-Factors more than anything they might stumble in to on the interwebs.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Children online

    I'm just jealous I didn't have such easy access to pr0n when I was in my teens.

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