back to article TalkTalk posts jolly six months

Carphone Warehouse spin-off TalkTalk is reporting a profitable six months, with more unbundled exchanges in preparation for its planned assault on TV next year. The company increased revenue by more than 10 per cent compared to last year, with a pre-tax income of £887m in the last six months, resulting in an EBITDA of £121m …


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  1. vegister

    revenue up..i wonder why?

    >>Those customers are generating an average of £24.70 per month for TalkTalk, up from last year

    That's because my average bill has gone from £16.50 to £25 without any change in usage.

    I suspect the next year may not be so good as customers look elsewhere. TT used to be reasonable value -not any more.

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    Bad experience

    I am not surprised profits are up... IMO their sale tactics are quite high pressure.

    Running an availability check led to four phone calls, the first had paper work ready to send out to me and seemed upset when I did not want it, the second hung up without so much as a word when I said I was not interested and the third told me a I stupid for not switching to them. Thankfully the message must have go through after caller four.

    Even if I chose to switch to TalkTalk.. this experience has soured me.

    I do feel sorry for the staff there... I imagine sales targets are aggressive.

    1. Joe Montana

      Door to door sales

      I too have experienced high pressure sales tactics from talktalk, they actually sent someone to my door who said i was stupid for using BT.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        "stupid for using BT"

        Well.... they had a point there!

        1. Anonymous Coward

          Re: "stupid for using BT"

          In my experience, while that maybe true compared to some ISP's, TalkTalk need to rise above BT in the performance/quality/reliability stakes to start throwing around comments like that...

          Wow - never thought I'd be defending BT....

  3. clint11
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    TalkTalk fail

    The mess they are making in migrating Tiscali customer over to the TalkTalk email system, they are going to loose a lot of ex Tiscali customers.

  4. Sad Git

    Controlling Quality!!

    What Quality.

    I had a 2Mbit ADSL line with BT that ran between 1.5Mbit and 1.8Mbit, changed to TalkTalk and now have a 8Mbit line that runs at 500K-800K !!!

    But that was only after lots of hassle on their support line.

    No more, I'm leaving TalkTalk

    1. JasonW

      It's still quality...

      .... even if it's poor quality.

  5. Andy Hards
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    Sounds like fun there

    Don't think I'll sing up with them. High pressure sales has meant I never brown in Phones4U now. I used to go in and have a look quite a bit as they had some good deals but they pounce in seconds and when I tried to return something according to their 14 returns policy I was passed from pillar to post for over an hour as the amount they wanted to pay me to retain my contract got higher and higher.

  6. AndrueC Silver badge
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    Nice technology

    ..shame about the customer service. They unbundled my father's exchange but didn't tell him. By the time he realised (less than a month later) it was full. Then they increased his monthly cost to nearly £30. Just for any time calls and IPStream. He got so fed up he migrated to BT.

    So yeah - if the connection works it's a pretty good service (even on IPStream) but if you ever need to talk to their Customer Service reps - forget it.

  7. Jamie Jones Silver badge

    after leaving BT...

    after unbundling and joining talk-talk, I went from 6Mbs to 16Mbs.

    They still don't know how to sort out reverse-dns though:

  8. Nathan 13

    Talk Talk

    are horrific. The salemen I have had contact with (coldcallers every other bloody week) have all told barefaced lies to try to get me to sign up for their service. I have been told that my current ISP is closing down, that BT have insisted that I sign this new agreement, that my current ISP is merging with Talk Talk etc etc etc

    However having been with AOL who got taken over by them I know how bad their service and support are and will never go near them even if they paid me £25 a month!!

  9. Da Weezil

    No Hope on the horizon

    No issue for me.. Talk Talk seem scared to embark on unbundling real West Wales, Llangennech is unbundled at just over 2k lines and yet Pembrokes' 9000s line remain firmly in BTWs greedy strangehold still with 20 cn technology and no LLU or cable to trouble them. v

    So we continue to pay through the nose for the slowest speed and the most expensive bandwidth. For a brief moment I thought I might get a chance to get faster services via a talk talk reseller... no way would I commit myself to stalk stalk accounts and customer service!

  10. Anonymous Coward
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    Grief and woe

    I've been using Talktalk via One Tel. I can say that One Tel was a great company and saved me a lot of money in their day. TalkTalk charge more for their services than we pay in calls per month and they keep hounding me to switch to their shoddy broadband.

    I work in the industry of computer repair, so I make so many site visits and have to talk to their offshore call centres on a weekly basis and know from first hand what shoddy service they offer for technical support, not only that, the customers get nothing like the throughput their line should be able to handle.

    That said, I do have some customers with supposedly 8M connections that their lines connect at 288K because TalkTalk have problems at their exchange with handling their unbundled lines.

    Out the window goes the 50:1 contention ratio on the TalkTalk broadband lines, there is no way they stick to that. Possibly 500:1 on a good day.

  11. Willum08

    TalkTalk Crap

    For the past few years I was with Tiscali and because my speed was not too good, I registered in early June 2010 with TalkTalk to upgrade my package and get a better speed. Lots of promises made during telephone registration and was told that there would be 'No Problems', I could keep my telephone number and would be 'up and running in a week or so'.

    June went by and nothing, so I phoned TalkTalk 'Customer help' number (an 0845 job). After the ususal 'Press one for ....., press two for ..... etc. and waiting on the line for about 25 minutes listening to what just about passes for 'music', I finally got through to a human being - albeit in Mumbai I think. I explained my situation and after confirming my telephone number and answering 'security' questions, I was eventually told that I was speaking to Tiscali Customer Service and they could not help me - despite having used the TalkTalk telephone number quoted on their website. I was asked to hold, while I was put through to TalkTalk customer service...... More 'music' and another 5 minute wait, after which there was a continuous tone and then the line went dead !! You would have thought that they might have called me back, since they had my telephone number - No chance!

    I gave up on the phone 'Help' line and decided to try via email to get a progress report on my update. Over the following three months, I sent around 30 emails to Tiscali/TalkTalk and the only replies I got from several diiferent people were apologies and platitudes but no offer of action to resolve my issue. Basically, Tiscali were saying that the problem lay with TalkTalk and TalkTalk were saying it was Tiscali's problem, so I was getting nowhere fast!!

    I then decided to write to their chief executive and the senior director of TalkTalk customer services. I addressed the envelopes to them personally and sent them 'Signed for' delivery. Guess what - not even an acknowledgement of my letters. No surprise there then !

    So, I have now ditched Tiscali/TalkTalk/Carphone Warehouse and gone with BT and I am taking every opportunity I can, to relate my experience with that bunch of TalkTalk CRAP!!

    My Tiscali / TalkTalk speed was around 1.8Mbps and now with BT, I'm getting around 6.3Mbps....

    TalkTalk etc. - Avoid them like the plague..............

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