back to article Intel melds football helmets and supers

Chip maker Intel is working with American-football helmet maker Riddell and a number of universities around the United States to create a real-time telemetry and simulation system that will monitor collisions on the gridiron* to help coaches keep their players from doing serious, long-term damage to themselves. Riddell has …


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  1. Tim Parker

    'gs' ?

    "can have up to 150 gs of force — which is equivalent to driving a car at 35 miles per hour into a brick wall."

    I presume that's a standard reference car stopping in the standard amount of time into a standard wall.

    Oh and what, pray tell, are 'gs of force' ?

  2. PoorLumpyPony

    If you think

    Taking the faceguard off would them hitting each other so hard

    You are sadly mistaken, linesman would simply use it as an additional weapon on those pretty little QB's :)

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