back to article Hitachi GST ends STEC's monopoly

Hitachi GST flash drives are hitting the streets and, at last, ending STEC's monopoly in the supply of Fibre Channel interface SSDs. EMC startled the enterprise storage array world by embracing STEC SSDs (solid state drives) in its arrays last year as a way of dramatically lowering the latency for access to the most important …


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  1. Ivan Hallworth
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    Very Good News

    Its very good news that a second supplier has entered the Fibre Channel SSD market - so there is at least now a duopoly and this should have the effect of introducing price competition and driving prices gently down thus fuelling further market growth; reach and market penetration.

    The original product that formed the basis of the STEC solution was designed in the UK and, being fortunate to visit during the prototyping stage, it was possible to make a customer suggestion to the designers that was given to me by a wonderful customer. To consider adding a single pin and instruction bulk erase and array destruction kill facility. Its always been a bit of problem with magnetic disk drives how to effectively, sustainably, and ultra securely erase them completely within secure sites.

    The UK company was highly innovative in the storage space making several key innovations, several of which were directly copied by the industry titans, though it was unfortunately unable to achieve long term growth and the size and sophistication necessary to compete on the world stage and in the worldwide market.

    The fantastic fast growth of SSDs is very interesting to watch. Am typing this on a rev A macbook air launched January 2008, and a 64GB SSD was just an extra option to a magnetic drive. The new 11.6" and 13" apple macbook airs are available only with SSDs from 64GB to 256GB.

    Looking forward, ICT developments sometimes appear slow, and as seen in the review mirror, as it is possible to do at the Centre for Computing History at Haverhill, (worth a visit if your keen on computing history and futures), developments appear warp speed fast!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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