back to article Calxeda gears up for server ARM race

The secretive ARM server startup formerly known as Smooth-Stone and now called Calxeda is coming out a bit today at the SC10 supercomputer trade show in New Orleans. But don't get too excited. The company is not talking about specific chip or server designs based on the ARM RISC architecture, but rather giving potential …


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  1. TeeCee Gold badge

    So who's right then?

    All those other articles saying that the Really Big Deal in servers these days is the amount of RAM you can cram in or some startup who reckons that they can blow the doors off the industry while limited to 32-bit addressing?

    I'm not convinced that having enough in the whalesong budget to seriously piss off the silly name god makes 'em any more likely to be right. The fact that the rebranding jossstickery would appear to be the only item of substance in a two-page piece about their latest "annoucements" just adds to the aura of FAIL.

  2. Bill Neal

    Who knows?

    Perhaps RISC will save us all. We will just have to wait and see if they can produce something better than the Cell proc.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    "clean, lean, and mean implementation of Linux"

    Really? Have you seen the Linux kernel source tree lately?

  4. HaroldR

    Tilera's architecture isn't MIPS-based

    Just a minor correction. Tilera's 64-core system-on-chip design isn't based on the MIPS architecture, it's their own. It has a VLIW 3-pipeline instruction set with DSP-like extensions. It comes with a gcc-based toolchain, and a port of SMP Linux supported by kernel 2.6.36.

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