back to article EMC buys Isilon for $2.25bn

Since this report was filed, EMC announced that it was buying Isilon for $2.25bn. The New York Post is reporting that EMC has agreed to buy Isilon after weekend talks moved the parties past a price-difference roadblock. It had been reported that Isilon's self valuation was too high for EMC, and CEO Joe Tucci said he would …


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  1. Mr Atoz
    Dead Vulture

    Done Deal Now

    It's now official as/per both EMC's and Isilon's web site, $2.25 Billion.

    I don't get it though, yet another odd ball product for EMC to throw in with it's vast and muddled product set. I think that Isilon's architecture would have made sense for Dell since Isilon is a clustered server technology. EMC should instead have looked at BlueArc so that they could put their existing storage products behind BlueArc servers. That would also have put a wrench in the works for HDS. Do the Hopkington boys know what they are doing?

    RIP Isilon.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      RE: Done Deal Now

      BlueArc makes sense on paper for a SAN vendor, but their technology doesn't scale well beyond one or two heads. They have a product called CNS that makes it look scalable, but it's really not. Isilon actually scales up to large sizes effectively. HDS won't buy BlueArc for the same reason. It doesn't really solve the problem. There are very few vendors that truly scale up. 3Par did for block, Isilon does for file. Some companies have a little of the technology, like Panasas, and that's about it.

      1. Mr Atoz

        BA Dosn't Scale Beyond Two Heads???

        Where do you get your information? BlueArc currently supports up to 8 nodes in a cluster and up to 10 PB resulting in 1,600,000 IOPS, that not enough for you? CNS is for binding file systems together in a single name space. Their file systems currently have a 256 TB limit but does anyone really want a file system bigger than that? Isilon brags about their 1FS scaling to 10PB but in reality how many of those exist today.....ZERO I bet. Think about doing a consistency check or a complete restore on a file system over 256TB let alone 10PB.

        Isilon does NOT scale effectively because they cannot mix disparate disk types and capacities in the same cluster and that is why most of their customers have multiple clusters. BlueArc supports multiple disk types within a cluster and also has an HSM option.

        But hey, it's all good because Isilon took the bullet and now EMC won't be interested in buying BA when they finally do go public.

  2. SPGoetze


    "that their systems are different in kind from mainstream clustered filers such as NetApp's FAS series. NetApp would disagree of course."

    I guess NetApp would agree, actually. And sell you an ONTAP8 Cluster-Mode System. 24 nodes, 28PB capacity. If you need more, there's always NetApp's StorageGRID...

  3. Stewart MacLund

    Er.... What?

    "Update Since this report was filed, EMC announced that it was buying EMC for $2.25bn."

    How very Meta.

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