back to article Yahoo! to! ax! 10%! of! product! staff! says! report!

Yahoo! is set to lay off about 10 per cent of its product staff, according to a report citing sources "close to the situation." All Things Digital reports that the web giant will lay off around 650 of the 6500 workers in its product organization, now headed by former Microsoftee Blake Irving, and possibly more in other …


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  1. James Woods

    how's that go yahoo

    f what? f your staff yahoo doesn't need em.

    Has anyone wrote a book on how a search engine once 'the search engine' managed to position itself into nothing more than a tabloid quality homepage?

    I haven't used yahoo to search in years and I hate google (but it's the man).

    The only plus I see with yahoo is how their user accounts are accepted on alot of news sites and blogs and allows me to avoid creating 1 account for websites i'll visit once in my lifetime to comment.

  2. rpjs



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