back to article Nvidia poised to challenge Jobs on tablets

Nvidia claims it has turned the corner, saying it's looking ahead to a recovery in its Fermi product line for servers, workstations, and high-end PCs and a very fast ramp for its Tegra chips for handhelds and tablets. That means it's buddying up to Steve Jobs while also antagonizing the man - not exactly a comfortable position …


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  1. Goat Jam
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    Tegra tablets

    would be "absolutely magical"

    Ignoring the poor phrasing here I hope he is right but current Tegra tablets are nothing but vapourware. I haven't even seen a prototype being demo'ed.

    I do like nvidias products however. I would love to see some decent tablets based on nvidia chips, here's hoping Android 3 adds the missing part required in order to create an "absolutely magical" product.

    1. The Other Steve

      Missing part ?

      That would presumably be a UX that doesn't suck and that adheres to the principal of least astonishment ?

  2. Doug 3

    ARM devices WHEN?

    I thought we'd be purchasing ARM based netbooks last year this time and surely through this year. I keep hearing about ARM based devices and have seen many shown over the past couple of years at many computer conferences. But where are they? Remember ASUS and their Qualcomm Snapdragon based netbook?

    I also thought it was really strange of Nvidia to give Windows CE preference on the dual core Tegra2 platform when it not only couldn't use both CPUs but can't use more than 512MB of memory. So now, another year later they are all excited about Tegra devices coming real soon now.


    1. foo_bar_baz

      Calm down Beavis

    2. Daniel B.

      Apple killed the smartbook star

      The iPad killed the not-yet-born ARM-based netbook market. Of course, it is an ARM-based tablet, but it isn't quite a netbook either.

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  4. Tony Paulazzo


    are so yesterday. What I want now is a detachable screen, so when I need the oomph of a decent computer with keyboard I've got it, then remove the screen when I just want to sofa surf / read ebooks comics etc.

    1. Dave 8

      @Tablets →

  5. flameresistant

    It will be interesting to see ...

    ... when Tegra tablet products become available and how much they cost.

    Anyone know who the 'partners' that are going to produce them are?

    1. Dave 8

      @It will be interesting to see ...

    2. Peter 48

      notion Ink's Adam tablet

      the Notion Ink Adam tablet is a good example of an ipad beating tablet with tegra inside. It has now entered production phase and with luck might become available before christmas. Reported to cost up to $499 depending on configuration.

  6. RayG

    Vanilla frozen yoghurt for me please

    Hang on, isn't the Toshiba Folio 100 tablet a Tegra 2? The one that was in Curry's and PC World for about two weeks before they realised the Toshiba interface kludged on top of Android was made entirely of fail? I tried one, seemed powerful enough, shame about the horrid interface.

    There's rumoured to be another Tegra tablet just around the corner, the "Advent Vega", but I'll believe it when I see it.

    (The big secret is - existing plain Android (or "vanilla frozen yoghurt)" is absolutely fine on a 10" tablet. Manufacturers just want theirs to look different so they don't become commodity hardware. I don't think they'll succeed unless they do a much better job than they do right now)

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  8. E 2

    It's all about the screen rez

    It is no coincidence that Apple Macbook Pros and the latest 13" Air are 1440x900 or higher not 1366x768 or god help me 1024x600 (same for some very pricey but successful Vaio notebooks). I say this as a Linux guy, I don't much care for Mac OS 10. Merely more pixels is good pixels.

  9. Levente Szileszky

    Tegra = typical Nvidia-story

    Tegra = loud and bold promises, history of wasting money on two generations while promising everything for OEMs then not delivering half of it and then being rejected everywhere.

    I wonder how long they will be able to fool investors - the Fermi-blunder was a hit on the head for many especially when it turned out the CEO was actually showing them a plastic mockup instead of a prototype card last year this time... indeed, the card came out ~8 months later. Oops.

    Tegra is even worse: they probably spent billions on it and there's absolutely no market share to show; if it does not change in the next 2-3 quarters investors will need another fairy tale instead of Tegra.

    Ahh and claiming Fusion and Sandy Bridge won't effect their market is downright hilarious: they will hit first exactly in their supposed Tegra-aimed market, the mobile/notebook market. On the other hand if we consider they dont' have Tegra market share it's true... :)

    One thing is sure, the faster Fusion or Sandy Bridge gets adopted the faster Nvidia's results will worsen - being short of x86 license they really need a something big to maintain their positions on the mind- and long term and I don't see their Fermi-based market booming in such pace anytime soon.

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