back to article AVG snaps up DroidSecurity

AVG, the security firm best known to its freebie security scanner software for consumers, has announced plans to buy mobile security firm DroidSecurity. The deal, announced Wednesday, is valued at up to $9.4m. DroidSecurity specialises in providing security software for smartphones, tablets and other devices running Google’s …


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  1. Dan 55 Silver badge

    Maybe they could port the mobile version to Windows

    Then they'd be back where they were four years ago, with a lightweight anti-virus that didn't stick dialog boxes in your face at every opportunity.

    1. NX1977


      Or have reboot loop errors, or messing up Outlook.

  2. 3v1lkr0w


    I used to use AVG for years, until i read the story about two AVG employees getting fired because they didn't want to attend a Scientology class that was mandated by the company. I'll still use DroidSecurity as its the best one out there, but it makes me sad that it was bought by AVG and not someone else...

  3. Zippy the Pinhead

    @ Dan and NX

    and not run your system resources up to 100%

  4. Andy Watt
    Thumb Down

    Well, that's smart phones screwed...

    Antivirus arrives, performance and battery life run screaming for the exit. Nice.

  5. twunt

    Just ran the Droid App

    Says my phone is at risk because its rooted, and a suspect app is present. Super User.


  6. Tigra 07
    Dead Vulture

    No title required

    "Demand for its software is driven more by Windows users transplanting their security concerns onto a new platform"

    If you want to have a dig at Microsoft on this one then you're out of order.

    Name a mobile phone platform that hasn't had the odd security concern.

This topic is closed for new posts.