back to article HP parries Ellison's 'industrial espionage' subpoena

HP has refused to accept Oracle's subpoena for brand-new CEO Leo Apotheker, denying Larry Ellison's effort to put the Apotheker on the stand in this week's court battle between Oracle and archrival SAP. "Hewlett Packard has refused to accept service of a subpoena requiring Mr. Apotheker to testify about his role in SAP’s …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    they should subpoena Ellison

    of course, tit-for-tat never works....unless you're trying to get divorced

  2. Chris 3

    If Ellison's statement isn't true...

    ... it would surely be worth suing the twit for libel.

  3. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    TommorrowNow's "dastardly deeds"?

    IIRC, the "terrible" things that the TommorrowNow support staff did was download some Oracle support docs using customer logins from the Oracle customers they were supplying support to. Hardly the enterprise-level larceny that Larry is screaming about, it's not like they hacked into Oracle's labs and stole pre-release copies of Oracle software or the like. A bit worrying - I'm pretty sure contractors here that have come and gone have used our logins to access Oracle support info, does that mean Larry thinks he can rook us for $120m? I hope not - I really don't want to be de-installing Oracle all over the shop!

    But, if Apothetiker was in on a deliberate plan to use customer login in breach of the Oracle support contract terms, then he doesn't look like a suitable bod for the hp CEO job. Sad to say but hp really need a squeaky-clean CEO this time.

    I bet the US hp employees are quaking in their boots - Carly lost her run for the California Senator slot, maybe she's looking for a job to tide things over until the next elections....

This topic is closed for new posts.

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