back to article Ofcom clears deck for re-farming

Ofcom is now recommending that the UK government let Vodafone and O2 run 3G networks at 900MHz, arguing that the creation of Everything Everywhere removes any threat to competition. Last time the regulator looked at the question it concluded that as only Vodafone and O2 have 900MHz spectrum it would be unfair to let them use …


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  1. druck Silver badge


    3 could always start a new company called 4

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  3. Mage Silver badge


    No, but a total waste

    3G is a rubbish system. "Cell Breathing"

    This is just for the incumbents to save money. It does nothing for Consumer.

    ALL 900 spectrum should be used by a single wholesale operator, FDD with the so called "Digital Dividend" spectrum at 800MHz.

    Maybe Ofcom is a poodle for the Mobile Operators. Didn't they oppose EU roaming caps?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What a surprise....

    ...Vodafone "wins" again. Obviously giving the right politicos the brown envelopes lads if you can get away with a £6bill tax bill and now get handed a lovely freebie for LTE.

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