back to article Adobe closes Flash-based Flex to outsiders

Adobe's open source development process for the Flex SDK – the library and tools for building Flash and AIR applications – has hit a roadblock. Flex SDK product manager Deepa Subramaniam last week told MAX the public repository will be closed and patches will no longer be accepted from the community. The change applies to the …


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  1. lucmars

    Not true but rather fully or lessly open source projects

    Don't believe that because a project is open source it is fully open. Everybody in this kind of project has not necessarly the same level of decision.

  2. Leo Davidson

    Respect must be earned

    "We have to respect those teams development process"

    Given the results of the development process behind Flash -- an endless stream of security holes that take them weeks/months to fix; a 64-bit version that's years late... -- I see no option but *disrespect*.

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