back to article Stay at home and watch telly, trade bodies urge Brits

In a desperate application of herd-mentality tactics, home entertainment trade organisations are once again trying to persuade us to buy more kit and content by telling us that's what almost everyone else is doing. Today, for example, the British Video Association (BVA) highlighted an online survey conducted by pollster YouGov …


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  1. Hollerith 1

    Yes but no

    We bought the biggest plasma screen on earth, just at the point we were finding that our TV watchign was pretty much nil. We don't play games at all, so it is mostly covered with a sheet. We are swimming, kayaking, walking: inexpensive hobbies in these troubled economic times. So, sorry, vendors of couch potato toys, looks like Brits aren't totally baaing to your call.

    Yours, fit and smug in London UK.

    1. Michael Vasey


      I don't see much to be smug about in spending a fortune on a TV you never use.

  2. jake Silver badge

    Err ... Ms. Bee ...

    Might want to wack Tony Smith upside the head ... he used the "sheeple" word ;-)

    1. CADmonkey


      That is all

  3. SC Handle

    I might

    If they were to provide the content I wanted in the manner I wanted. I don't want a new TV or anything like that. I want it streamed on demand to my computer, my phone and my laptop. Plus to my soon to be coming my way Android slate tablet.

    They are sorely mistaken if they think I am going to pay a lot of money for yet another TV within 3 years of buying the last one.

  4. Rob Davis


    I echoed the article writer's concern about this:

    "Stay in": Posted Wednesday 9th June 2010 12:30 GMT in "In Sony BDV-E370 Blu-ray home cinema kit":


    I said: "That's right, stay in, safe in your own home. Don't venture out, socialise, connect with others and see live entertainment or make your own. Just consume. Do you really need this?"


    last on the list

    I too would rather tighten the belt every where else other than the cherished social fizzy happy pop at my local pub.

    In these times of austerity I have reduced the frequency of my visits however.

  6. Gene Cash Silver badge

    My TV is 22 years old...

    That should give you an idea of how much I watch. Amazingly enough, it's a 21" Sony Trinitron (remember those?) so it's still pretty good. I get my "Top Gear", "Being Human" and MotoGP out of it, and some games on the HALO-box, so I'm happy.

    Speaking of Top Gear, there's some shit US version coming out this weekend. Looks like the people they got to do it are about as amusing as 3 rocks in a box.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Austerity doesn't affect us all

    but for those that are affected, surely downloading, I mean piracy, is another option to reduce costs :)

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