back to article RIAA and Anonymous sites both downed by DDoS assaults

Hacktivists briefly took out the two main Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) websites on Friday afternoon as revenge for the organisation's long-running legal offensive against Limewire, which led to the closure of the controversial P2P service earlier in the week. Denizens from the loosely-affiliated Anonymous …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    These attacks are just the petulant actions of childish freetards. They should be horse whipped.

    1. Shades

      Home taping... killing music, but YOU NEVER did that, did you?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        I have never home taped music. I just wait until CD's appear in the supermarket.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Because if you don't understand an argument...

      ...resort to physical violence.

    3. Tempest

      They simply copying the ...

      childish antics of the industry.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        RE: Because if you don't understand an argument...

        The argument being that unless the 'Hacktivista' is allowed to carry on commiting copyright infringement (an offence) they will carry out arbitary DDOS attacks (also illegal) on the web sites of the organisations attempting to stop them ........ I rest my case this is the actions of freeloaders throwing their collective toys out of the pram.

        1. Ted Dannington

          Required Title Ting

          I'm sorry but I wasn't aware that every single person launching their LOICs had been proven to be partaking of illegal filesharing. Whatever proof you have of this, which I'm assuming you do have given the self assured nature of your posts, would be very good to have presented to all of us so we can all be as informed and hence righteous as you.

          Deliver away.

          Alternately, given that you have no idea of the correlation between illegal firesharers and the people using DDoS as protest methods, you could stop being such a silly sausage.

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward


            Look it up .....

            'Denial-of-service attacks are considered violations of the IAB's Internet proper use policy, and also violate the acceptable use policies of virtually all Internet service providers. They also commonly constitute violations of the laws of individual nations.[3]'

            Launching the LOIC against these web sites is depending on location at best an abuse of the internet, and at worst illegal, whether they file share or not.

    4. Anonymous Coward

      @ Titus Technobrute

      Is there anyone you wouldn't have horsewhipped?

      I ask out of interest as it seems to be your first and only recourse when you find yourself confrounted by people you disagree with.

      I am currently whipping myself with a dead horse just to prove a point.

    5. Doshu


      stock ignorant response.

  2. Stone Fox

    Not a title.

    Interesting... I thought Anon had migrated from the LOIC to the LCDS... At least for serious ops.

  3. Nigel Brown

    @Titus Technophobe

    You really should send that to the Daily Mail, it seems in full accord with their editorial policy on just about everything.

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      Doesn't need to

      He is one of the editors.

  4. Paul_Murphy


    Really? I must be out of touch...


    1. Stone Fox


      = Long Cat Death Star.

      Google it.

      1. Ian McNee

        LOIC more interesting...

        ...being the London Organ Improvisation Course ( featuring Otto Kraemer, presumably a top improviser with his...ermmm...organ.


  5. JaitcH

    Why are we to be surprised: Industry was dumb to start it?

    The RIAA has no one else except itself to blame.

    The problems will occur when it blossoms into a full time, fully fledged war and starts to busy out chunks of the InterNet.

    1. asdf

      the worse part

      Is I believe that the recording studios pay the RIAA millions of dollars a year and there are many in the industry that don't believe in it but are afraid of upsetting the balance. Therefore, the RIAA, is nothing but a semi illegal racket set up by a bunch of parasite lawyers to milk both sides.

  6. Squirrel

    Stay on target!!

    Why do they bother with the RIAA? Why not hit itunes? Make a mark on their income instead of just knocking out a crappy site no one goes too?

    <disclaimer> I'm not advocating it, just wondering.

    1. Ray Simard

      @Stay on target

      Symbolic value. They, and the MPAA and their client companies, are the ones who have engaged in the so-called anti-piracy campaign that has produced such rampant abuses. Just do a search on the RIAA or MPAA here at ElReg; you'll get a better list of references than I could paste here.

    2. Random_Walk

      Not iTunes - Sony, Capitol, EMI, Virgin, et al.

      I mean, if you're going to point someone to a target, you may as well get the sites of the RIAA cartel members...

      (same disclaimer - not advocating, just curious).

    3. tardigrade

      "Why not hit itunes?"..

      Because Steve Jobs has a $50 billion war chest in reserve and he wouldn't use it to develop a LOIC DDoSing app for the iPhone in response and go after Anon that way.

      No with that kind of wonga His Steveness would actual be able to build a real Low Orbit Ion Canon, launch it in to space and start smashing Hacktivists into piles of atomic goo and still have enough spare change to buy a hollowed out Volcano and a few tech start ups to boot.

      It's just not worth the risk.

  7. TeeCee Gold badge

    "The assault began an hour later than originally planned..."

    And thus Anonymous collectively out themselves as iPhone users.......

  8. Anonymous Coward

    M.A.D. ?????

    When does this get to be like Nuclear war?

    Each side will escalate their attacks, ultimately taking out innocent bystanders in the process.

    Mutually Assured Destruction will ensue on infrastructure that is designed to be resilient to nuclear attack, but was it ever designed to be resilient to the network equivalent.

    Spam allegedly accounts for 97% of email - how long before DDoS traffic over the backbones becomes a significant problem ?

    Guys - stop it now. You've proved a point. Now find a new way to tackle each other (and that's directed to BOTH SIDES)

    1. Lunatik

      Cute puppies and free lollypops for all, mmmkay?

      TL;DR version:

      Can we all not just get along?

    2. Decius

      Re: M.A.D.

      You mean you're ENCOURAGING the RIAA and pirate groups to resort to non-internet measures?

      My money is that before it escalates into warfare, a pirate group sets themselves up a bomb. Once it becomes clear that "Unknown parties" attacked a pirate group, the public outrage against the "Obvious" attacker will force a reasonable compromise. Or maybe just an outright war.

      The longer we can keep this conflcit in court and cyberspace, the more likely a conclusion is reached before it escalates into meatspace.

    3. neverSteady

      Because DDoS Attack lead to Nuclear War?

      How preposterous.

      One side has always been willing to talk, and the other side wasn't.

      Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of the Internet Copyright Wars know which side refused to talk.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    @Tempest ‘They simply copying the ...childish antics of the industry.’

    I disagree ‘they’ aren’t simply copying the music industry. The people carrying out these attacks are illegally using internet resource to disrupt the lawful business of the ‘industry’.

    It might be argued that the industry’s model for resale of intellectual property is either childish, or indeed unfair. But it is however the legal channel. It can also be argued that both the consumers and suppliers to the industry have a choice. Consumers can just not buy the products on offer by the industry, just as suppliers can choose not to record with the music industry.

    The products of the music industry are desires, not necessities, it is entirely possible to live without them, that being the case I can see no moral basis for the actions of the people attacking the web sites. As I have mentioned above if I want to listen to a particular song, and don’t want to pay the price, I wait for the price to drop, or buy something else.

    @Marcus dubious ‘Is there anyone you wouldn't have horsewhipped?’

    Well, myself, and my partner. Then again it can be fun. Guess the answer is no.

    I would add that perhaps my response to this article is pejorative, but does sum up my thoughts on the matter.

    @ Doshu pff # stock ignorant response.

    ….. ??? which is what… not heavy on detail here?

  10. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge

    Dead in the states too.

    Ignore him --^, he even says in his name he's a technophobe.

    The RIAA has advocated cutting off people's internet connections for doing things they don't like -- this is a utility, everyone would realize the absurdity of what the RIAA wants in this regard if they were asking to cut off phone service or electricity (after all, the computer needs electricity to do it's thing). They have hired people to DOS sites themselves, to interfere with operation of other sites (in ways besides DOS'ing), and they have thoroughly abused the legal system, including the illegal use of unlicensed private investigators (and CONTINUED use of them after they were called out on this and told to stop). I am not DOS'ing them myself, but if RIAA wants to continue to play dirty I don't see any problem with people playing dirty back to them.

    Anyway, "The and sites remain unavailable from Europe, possibly as a deliberate defensive measure " I can assure you, these sites are dead in the water here in the states too.

  11. Matt Hawkins


    Wax cylinders are killing music!

    Audio tapes are killing music!

    VHS is killing movies!

    CD-R is killing music!

    DVD-R is killing movies!

    Meanwhile the music and movie industry are earning more than ever. Not bad considering they have to compete for your money with lots of other activities.

    Predicting their own demise because of new technology is, well, predictable. New technology earns them more money year after year. Once the old timers have died the industry might hopefully be run by some people with a bit of common sense.

    They will never be happy until they can simply tax people at source. You dreamed you were at a concert? Well you need to pay up. You whistled a tune in the shower? You're a copyright terrorist and should be fined! Your toddler danced to an MTV video? You owe someone £20.

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