back to article Google calls bug bounty hunters to YouTube, Blogger

Google has unveiled a pilot program designed to make Blogger, YouTube and other company-run websites more secure by paying significant bounties to researchers who report bugs that threaten users. The initiative expands on a previous bounty program that rewarded researchers only for bug reports in Chromium, the guts of Google's …


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  1. Rob Moir

    mercenary attitude

    $3133.7 for a 'good' bug and $500 for a trivial one eh? When one appeals to people who do it for money, one has to be sure that you're outbidding your rivals. Let's hope the people who exploit security holes for profit don't decide to offer $3140 or $550 eh?

    "Google's blog post announcing the new program makes clear that proofs of concept should attack only accounts controlled by the researcher. "

    So no driving past Google executives houses grabbing data from their wifi then?

  2. kwah

    '.. bugs that threaten users' courteous bugs that politely ask you to h4x0r your own account don't count?

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