back to article Microsoft's Azure cloud plan favors Java

PDC is a Microsoft event, right? And .NET is a Microsoft architecture? Microsoft built C# and the Common Language Runtime (CLR) to kill Java, yeah? And they premiered C# and the CLR with .NET at the Professional Developers' Conference in 2000. So why is Microsoft at PDC ten years later talking about making Java a first-class …


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  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Take a seat and settle down and bed in to watch the stars perform a real show ....

    Finally ....... something from Microsoft to kick Google's butt into touch, and takeover Global Command and Universal Control of and with Virtual Operating Systems.

    Disagree if you like, but that is the reality, is it not, Microsoft?

    And if Microsoft choose to plausibly deny it, then does that indicate A.N.Other Universal Media Player in the Great Game?

  2. David Dawson

    Java in the cloud

    Google App Engine?

  3. Glyn Davies 1

    Trust MS?

    Thing is, nobody with any sense would deploy using a non MS tech on an MS platform.

    You'll get up and running, then 6 months / year later Java will be deprecated and you'll be in a pile of the messy stuff.

    Embrace, Extend, Squash.

  4. Doug 3

    just b4 cutting it off

    be a friend to win friends and then force those friends to ms-only tech. a history lesson.

  5. Don Mitchell


    "Microsoft built C# and the Common Language Runtime (CLR) to kill Java, yeah?"

    So did SUN invent Java to kill Visual Basic? Microsoft developed VB and JIT compiling technology years before Java was even imagined. Java was developed with the idea of undermining Microsoft, and was one of many business moves and counter-moves. But there were also customer requirements factored into this, there are a lot of developers who want to write managed code for Windows, and CLR provides technology superior to and more general than Java for that purpose. I guess if you start with a world view where these companies are heros or villains, then it makes sense to write about Microsoft's common runtime with moralizing weasel words.

    1. Giles Jones Gold badge

      Nice try

      Java was initiated in 1991, Visual Basic appeared in 1991.

      Java was initially designed for interactive TV and other consumer devices. It was not aimed at the desktop. It proved too advanced for embedded devices and so it made its way onto the desktop.

      Sure, later on it probably became a way of cross platform compatibility. Just like Flash was just for animations on the web and has now started to be pitched by Adobe as some kind of cross platform rubbish.

  6. ninja squirrel

    Not secured until all content is secured?

    "Azure users will be able to secure the content they deliver using SSL/TLS in 2011"

    For the avoidance of doubt... you can of course already secure the content delivered directly from your Azure websites and webservices using a certificate of your choice.

    It's the Azure Content Delivery Network - which lets you cache blobs of data in various locations around the world (to speed up said websites and webservices) - which doesn't yet support SSL.

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