back to article Oracle takes stake in networking pal Mellanox

When Oracle co-founder and chief executive officer, Larry Ellison, hinted a month ago that he was interesting in making investments in chip companies, he wasn't kidding. Today, InfiniBand chip and switch maker Mellanox, which also makes InfiniBand and Ethernet host adapter cards, announced that Oracle has snarfed up a 10.2 per …


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  1. Giles Jones Gold badge

    Bad news

    Rather worrying how Oracle is buying up so much. They'll be worse than Microsoft for court cases and FUD.

  2. alien anthropologist


    Bad news? Ignorant comment. Infiniband is a core technology for Oracle RAC - and a major differentiating factor for RAC over its competition. It is literally years ahead of anything that the Ethernet vendors can provide for HPC and at the cluster storage layer.

    Why would Oracle not invest in a core technology to ensure that it stays in the lead and continues to provide them with that differentiating factor that enables them to beat the competition? And how is this "bad"?

    Bad is Larry mouthing off and throwing personal insults around. Investing in core h/w and s/w technology that your company's flagship product is using, is anything but "bad".

  3. Matt Bryant Silver badge


    I thought hp had a longstanding OEM agreement with Voltaire? I'm not sure if the 3Com buy bought in any Infiniband kit (I know there are hp Infinband switches for the blades as we have a few, but I'm pretty sure they're re-badged CISCO - correct me if I'm wrong), but why would they need to buy an Infiniband-only company when most datacenters seem to be struggling to get 10Gb backbones, let alone 10Gb to the server? I would have thought it was smarter money to ride the current 10GbE wave with ProCurve and take advanntage of the bigger market offered by Ethernet upgrades.

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