back to article Bond car bought at auction

One wealthy James Bond enthusiast drove away with the spy's most famous car yesterday, after it was auctioned for £2.6 million. Driven by Sean Connery in Goldfinger and Thunderball, the Aston Martin DB5 was expected to fetch in excess of £3m. A spokesman from the auction said, "It's still a lot of money and I don't think …


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  1. Geoff Campbell
    Big Brother

    "A quick ride around London"

    Ignoring the temptation to say "I used to know a girl like that", I wonder if it has current MoT, Road Fund Licence, and insurance? Wouldn't you just love to be the copper stood outside the auction house as that comes trundling out?


    1. Anonymous John

      Re "Wouldn't you just love to be the copper stood outside the auction house"

      Not really. Not with all the weaponry the car carries.

    2. MrT
      Thumb Up

      Just roll the number plate round....

      ... to one of the foreign ones, then do what you like. Insurance, fair enough (it's London, so best to avoid the Bugatti Veyrons of junoir Kuwait or UAE oil billionaires).

      I'd be more inclined to check the brakes - they're not that good on the original DB5, certainly would be entertaining for bystanders to see it lock up in stop-start traffic when a courier cuts across a non-existant gap. Maybe a drive in nice rolling open roads on the way to the chosen port of exit would be a more relaxing choice!

    3. Rogerborg
      Thumb Up

      No problem - there aren't any traffic coppers in London

      Traffic enforcement is all done by councils, outsourced to NSL, and implemented by illegals parked on double-yellows in their periscope $camera-cars.

      So having a spinning number plate makes you very nearly immune to traffic regulations. If the Computer can't deal with it, you're above the law.

    4. Bilgepipe


      It'll be tax-exempt. Sorry, road-fund-license-exempt.

      1. Geoff Campbell

        Tax-exempt is something of a myth.

        For vehicles registered before 1st Jan 1973, a tax disk is still required, however it costs £0. Failure to obtain and display one are still two separate offences.


      2. Graham Marsden

        Road Fund Licence...

        .... was done away with before this car was even built!

  2. JaitcH

    Still be hawked around? It was first used in 1964!

    I guess this says a lot about Aston Martin's quality as this ageing car must be qualified for 'historical plates' by now.

    Today's version would no doubt feature laser guided missiles instead of the now missing machine guns.

  3. Him over there


    007 figure! Nice. :)

  4. Chris Judd

    Quick? London?

    I think he means he wants to spend a few hours sat at traffic lights.

  5. James Pickett


    Silly me - I thought you meant the three-wheeler...

  6. Dave 15 Silver badge

    nice to know someone is sharing the pain

    Someone has a lot of cash - perhaps the tax and terrorist folk could spend a few months double checking where it has all come from. I'm sure its all 'legit' but it would be fun to double check

  7. pctechxp

    How sad

    This car isn't in the hands of a British collector/museum.

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